Google Play Games v3.3 setting up for game streaming to YouTube Gaming

If you haven’t heard about it, YouTube Gaming is a new addition to Google’s internet video streaming assets – one that is purely targeted to the huge gaming market globally. One of the specific plans for YouTube Gaming was eventually to make possible live streaming of games from your device directly to this specific channel. Now we can confirm that Google Play Games – a service in the Android OS – will play a big part in making this possible.

Chromecast rumored to release updated app on Sept 29

The rumored Google event on September 29 will not just supposedly bring the official announcement of the next generation Nexus devices. There are some rumors flying (with leaked documents to boot) that Chromecast will also be getting something new: a new hardware, a Spotify connection, as well as an updated app that will enhance the current companion app we’re using. Well, anything is an improvement on the latter, as the current app is pretty functional but barebones.

New Android One now available in Spain and Portugal

The Android One program, where Google works with local manufacturers in emerging markets to offer entry-level and affordable smartphones with specified specs from the tech giant, is now making its way to Europe. The newest model, the BQ Aquaris A4.5 is now available in Spain and Portugal, bringing a value-packed device which might entice those who are trying out Android for the first time with a low-priced smartphone. It also comes with a guarantee for constant updates in the next 24 months.

Nexus phones might be known as 5X and 6P, Huawei Nexus to have 128GB option

Now that the September 29 Google event has been confirmed, all we need to do is wait for D-Day. That and maybe hear more speculations and spread rumors that could be true like the two new Nexus phones' names. We're hoping that the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P will be called as such because they're easier to remember. The 5X we already heard is the one from LG so the 6P is obviously from Huawei.

New Nexus phones and much s’mores launching this September 29

September 29 is approaching soon and we're certain that Google is holding a special event to reveal new products. A press invite has been sent out already, inviting the media to join the company for some "tasty treats and much s'more". That obviously means the Android Marshmallow will be previewed, new products will be unveiled, and probably some s'mores will be served.

Google Play Music overhauls Chromecast integration

Have you ever been at a party where the host is playing music from his or her smartphone and everyone’s having a great time grooving to the music, when suddenly, the music source had to go away and so the music at the party completely stops? Bummer right? Well if you’re using Google Play Music and streaming it through Chromecast, that will not be a problem anymore as the latest update to the app brings better integration between the two.
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