Microsoft’s Cortana app can now be set as default on Android

Cortana is still scheduled to be released for Android but before its official launch, Microsoft is doing its best to test the app and fix whatever bugs or issues that may be encountered. It’s not even a month after the beta testing program was introduced unofficially to a select group of Android users in the United States and then leaked, and the software giant is already announcing an update.

Google Hangouts updated with Material Design, app now loads faster

Google Hangouts has just been improved to allow users a more efficient way of mobile communication and messaging. Texting, talking, and video calling are the most common ways to get any message across in this day and age. With Google Hangouts 4.0 for Android, avid users of the app can greatly benefit from the new features, improved speed, and the fresh new design and aesthetics.

Google announces new holding company Alphabet; Pichai new Google CEO

Major changes are afoot in Google. In fact, the holding company Google is no more. Co-founder Larry Page announced in a post today the creation of a holding venture called Alphabet, where Google will be just one of the companies under it. Page will serve as CEO, while co-founder Sergey Brin will serve as President. Because of this, Sundar Pinchai will now become CEO of Google, as Page enthuses he has been doing such a great job managing the product and engineering side of business.

Dreamify uses Deep Dream Program to “surrealize” your pictures

If you’re already too bored with the photos that you post, but you have neither time nor the talent to manually edit your pics or do an actual photoshoot but you would still love to have surreal looking photographs, then you better download this new app called Dreamify. Using the divisive Deep Dream Program that Google launched last month, the app can transform even the most mundane pictures into works of art. Well, art in the Picasso or Dali tradition, rather than the Monet ones.

Motorola working on security patch for StageFright issue

Google was humble enough to admit that there is indeed the StageFright issue. If you haven't heard about it, StageFright is also known as an MMS messaging issue as it happens when a malicious code is triggered by an MMS, specifically those containing videos. Any malware can be inserted in the video which could then be able to access the device even before a video is viewed or played on the phone.

LG to roll out monthly security updates for Stagefright vulnerability

That Android Stagefright security vulnerability definitely got Android users worried about their devices. Who wouldn't since it's already a big issue that even made Samsung implement new security update process while Google's very own Android team immediately released a security update for Stagefright. After Google admitted that there is indeed a security issue, some of the biggest Android makers  have started to take action by announcing they will be releasing regular security updates.

Chromecast adds support for HBO NOW, travel apps, and some classic games

In the US, summer means a few weeks to lounge around and do a lot of couch potato-ing for some people. Well, mainly for those who have nothing to do, don't have jobs, or maybe those who are already rich and have all the time and resources in the world. Whoever you are or whatever you do, if you're a TV junkie, you'd be happy to know that Google keeps on improving its Chromecast even if it's already two-years old.

YouTube puts an end to 301+ view count temporary freeze

YouTube 301 will be no more. Finally, Google decided to stop freezing view counts when a video reaches 301+ views. Just in case you didn't know, YouTube stops views at 301 to check if views are not from spam bots. The "pause" doesn't take long but it can be frustrating for those who want to see progress of their recently uploaded or shared videos. That will no longer be the case as the search giant is eliminating that step in the process.

Android continues to grow, Samsung and LG account for 78% of all sales

Apple's iOS may be the most popular in all "Big Five" markets in Europe for the second quarter but Android OS still shows relevant growth in the region. The largest markets in Europe that include Spain, France, Italy, Great Britain, and Germany showed that iOS is No. 1 contrary to numbers going down in the United States. Android's continuous growth is mainly due to the numerous mobile devices running the platform and new models being introduced left and right. South Korean giants LG and Samsung both have been good players with their shares going up.
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