Google Photos head clarifies Google+ Photos “shutdown” announcement

You would think that an announcement about the shutdown of one of the lesser used (or so we thought) Google products would not be met with much protest. But apparently, there were some folks who were upset over the fact that Google+ Photos was being “closed” and that users were strongly encouraged to migrate their files into the newly launched Google Photos, which is a much superior photo backup cloud service. Google Photos head had to make clarifications about what the announcement actually meant.

Google launches Your Timeline, will show where you’ve been

Google has something new for those who are always sentimental about all the memories and the places they’ve been and explored already. Others will not understand going back to memory lane but it’s not being dramatic. It’s about making and keeping memories that will last a lifetime. That becomes easier especially in this digital age where we can post, share, and save notes and photos anywhere in the web. Google knows how important it is to keep track of information and save them for future reference.

Tech companies side with Samsung over patent dispute with Apple

When it comes to the patent war between Apple and Samsung, it looks like several of the big names from Silicon Valley are siding with the latter. A group of these digital giants have sent a petition to the U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals that the ruling they handed down, telling Samsung to pay Apple for some of the patent infringement suits they lost, will be a precedent to stifling innovation as well as eliminating choices for consumers.

ASUS ZenWatch gets a price cut on Google Store, free shipping included

Nothing much to say here but the ASUS ZenWatch just received a price cut on Google Store. From $199.99, it's now down to $129.99. This smartwatch was announced at last year's IFA and was soon made available before year 2014 ended. There's a new ZenWatch recently unveiled by ASUS but the version on sale is the model that the company used to mock the Apple Watch. This discount is somehow expect since the ZenWatch 2 is coming very soon.

Snapseed releases version 2.0.3 with minor updates

Just a few weeks after Snapseed released version 2.0, they’re providing even more updates, albeit minor, as version 2.0.3 is now being rolled out for users of the mobile photo editing app. This seems a bit surprising because before April this year, it was two years since the app received an update, after being bought by Google back in 2012. So now an update in April, June, and now July seems proof that the tech giant is not neglecting the app, despite their all out push for Google Photos, which also has a few editing capabilities.

Google+ Photos to shut down, users migrate to new Google Photos

We knew it was coming, even though they’ve announced it only now. Google is effectively shutting down its previous photo cloud service, Google+ Photos. This is practically because of the new “unlimited” Google Photos that they released last May. Users of the previous service have been receiving prompts to migrate to the new one, and if you value the photos you’ve stored in the former, you better upload them to the latter.

Google Play Store’s free apps now available in Sudan

When Google promised that they are committed to "to helping more people around the globe use technology to communicate, find and create information,” they seem to be doing it one country at a time. Sudan was one of the few countries where the Google Play Store was not yet available, but now you can cross them off the list. Google announced that free games and apps can now be accessed by residents in the North African country.

Google shares Q2 2015 financial results, mobile sector going strong

Google recently released its financial report for the 2nd quarter of the year. Highlights include an 11% revenue growth year over year, $17.7 billion revenue, and cash flow of $7.0 billion during the past quarter. The search giant saw a constant currency revenue growth of 18% year over year, thanks to the strong performance of programmatic advertising and Youtube.

Google working to improve mobile shopping experience

Do you know how Google makes a lot of money? One word: AdWords. Advertising makes Google richer than ever and in return, it's also making a lot of people and companies as advertisers earn money. There's no stopping Google from slapping those ads in websites and apps and the search giant will only look for more places where more revenue can be collected.

Some apps gained more users after adding Chromecast support

Google is proud to say that Chromecast is a success. The company's first Google Cast device has been used more than 1.5 billion times already since it was first introduced back in July 2013. This product is almost two years old but it's still making a lot of people happy--me included. The idea of casting is not originally Google's but we can say the Internet giant paved the way for its commercialization.
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