Chitika: Samsung tablet use way up, Apple takes slight dip

Chitika has new web use statistics for tablets, and it shows the iPad is still king. Though Apple’s tablet offering leads by a wide margin, Samsung has picked up some ground. They’ve also grown quite a bit over this time last year, but still only have about 10% of the usage an Apple device does.  

Google Glass marketing head discusses the $1,500 price tag

Google Glass has gotten a fair bit of attention lately, both on the good and bad sides. One topic that seems to be falling on the latter side lately is public opinion. Many have a strong opinion about Glass, and while we generally look to the Explorers for a positive backing -- it seems one of the most vocal may be having some doubt.

Vonage ReachMe Roaming routes calls to eliminate international charges

The latest update for the Vonage Mobile app has arrived in the Google Play Store. This one is adding a new feature called "ReachMe Roaming" and it brings the promise of eliminating international roaming charges. Essentially, this setup means users will be able to receive incoming calls, but not have to worry about the possibility of overage charges while traveling.

HBO content heading to Amazon Prime Instant Video

Amazon Prime members will soon be able to watch HBO. Announced just this morning, a new partnership between Amazon and HBO will make "Prime Instant Video the exclusive online-only subscription home for select HBO programming." Prime members will be able to begin streaming on May 21st, and Fire TV users can also look forward to getting an HBO GO app.
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