Official Google rep shares more about Project Fi on Reddit

So Google has started sending out the invitations to try out Project Fi. One Redditor gladly showed screenshots of the invite and some details about the experimental wireless service. Naturally and as with any topic on Reddit, a number of fellow geeks commented especially about some Google Voice features being not available on Project Fi. According to Google, Google Talk and Google Voice apps won't work. This won't also work with Obihai devices.

What to expect at the Google I/O 2015 Conference

It's that time of the year when developers are busy preparing for the Google I/O conference. Google especially is working harder year after year to deliver the best sessions. It's one tech event that reporters, bloggers, and fans around the world look forward to because it is when the latest Android platform is revealed. This year, we have the Android M to be excited about and we're expecting the guessing game for what the letter "M" could be--Muffin? Milkshake? Macaron? Meringue? Your guess is as good as mine.

Google to allow Android app developers do A/B testing

We might soon see some changes on the Play Store as Google is believed to be working on improvements on the app listings. This one is expected to allow and help Android app developers to determine the likelihood of people downloading a particular app based on the price, colors, wording, or presentation. However, this particular change would only matter to the developers and not the consumers.

Nexus 9 WiFi, LTE get Android 5.0.2 updates, factory images up

After a long wait, updates are finally moving with the Nexus 9 tablet – that is, Google’s current flagship tablet. Most of the top end Nexus products are already on Android 5.1.1, so it’s good news for Nexus 9 users to see the Android 5.0.2 update – even if this is a pretty small one – start rolling in.

Updated Google Maps now allows quick access to flights, hotel bookings

The Google Maps app got a recent minor update to v9.8. Version was released earlier this week on the Play Store and included adding batch photo uploads plus restricting bookings from being shown in location screens. In this app update, doing a search will also yield results related to your personal bookings already made and saved. When you search for your hotels, flights, events, or reservations, Google Maps will also show a short list of related results.

Timeful management app acquired by Google

Timeful app still hasn't found its way to Android but it can be expected soon since Google has recently purchased the auto scheduler app. Both companies announced that they are joining forces to make things easier for everyone. Timeful is joining Google and will start working on to bring the unique features of Timeful to some of the most useful Google apps today.

Chromecast now available in Malaysia for your video streaming needs

Today is a good day to be living in Malaysia and one of the reasons why is that Google announced that their video streaming dongle Chromecast is now officially available in their country. This means that users will now be available to stream their favorite videos from their Android devices (and also devices from other platforms) ontolarger screens through this "magical" device that has been available in a number of regions for some time now. It's great news that it's finally expanding their Asian market, with Malaysia becoming the first Southeast Asian country to have Chromecast availability.

Google app updated with new voice commands for some Android apps

The Google app is one of the most important apps you could get on your Android phone. It can do a lot of things aside from just searching for whatever you need. With the app, you can just say "OK Google" and the app can search, create reminders, and get directions search for you. A recent app update has allowed Google to send commands and make other Android apps to do something. This makes any Android smartphone smarter than ever because some non-native apps are now prompted by Google to follow voice commands.

Chrome Dev now available on Play Store

The Chrome web browser app for Android is always being updated. That's actually an understatement since tech giant Google is regularly working on improving the web browser. We've lost count of how many times Google and Chrome developers have released versions of the app but we know that they come in four main channels from Stable to Beta then Dev, and then Canary.