YouTube puts an end to 301+ view count temporary freeze

YouTube 301 will be no more. Finally, Google decided to stop freezing view counts when a video reaches 301+ views. Just in case you didn't know, YouTube stops views at 301 to check if views are not from spam bots. The "pause" doesn't take long but it can be frustrating for those who want to see progress of their recently uploaded or shared videos. That will no longer be the case as the search giant is eliminating that step in the process.

Android continues to grow, Samsung and LG account for 78% of all sales

Apple's iOS may be the most popular in all "Big Five" markets in Europe for the second quarter but Android OS still shows relevant growth in the region. The largest markets in Europe that include Spain, France, Italy, Great Britain, and Germany showed that iOS is No. 1 contrary to numbers going down in the United States. Android's continuous growth is mainly due to the numerous mobile devices running the platform and new models being introduced left and right. South Korean giants LG and Samsung both have been good players with their shares going up.

AT&T starts to rollout security patch against Stagefright malware

People’s complaints that Google is so slow in sending out security patches to counteract the Stagefright malware that is giving us all a fright is about to come to an end, or so we hope. They have sent out the “cure” to OEMs, carriers, and partners, and so now the ball is in their court. AT&T has started sending out the updates to their subscribers, but for only, it’s only for a few Samsung smartphones, predictably the newer models.

Lookout offers Stagefright Detector for Android devices

While Google still hasn’t officially released the crucial security patch (aside from the one for Nexus devices) that would protect Android devices from the so-called Stagefright malware, there have been several posts and advice on how to at least try and protect your smartphone from being infected. Lookout, which previously posted a blog on how to disable MMS auto-fetch is now offering a free app that would tell you if your gadget is vulnerable or already affected and then give you advice on what to do.

Google Fiber arriving in San Antonio, Texas

We haven't heard much about Google Fiber lately. The last update we remember was about its expansion to four more cities. This second half of the year, the company is bringing to San Antonio, Texas its fast Internet service after expanding in Salt Lake City, Nashville, Raleigh-Durham, Atlanta, and Charlotte.

Google Slides now allows presentations during Hangouts video call

The Google for Work team has added a new feature to Google Slides. Aside from Airplay and Chromecast support which was part of the update released back in June, Google Slides can now be shown during a Hangouts video call. When you need to present something to clients, classmates, and colleagues who are in a different place, you can show your slides via Hangouts.

Samsung to implement new security update process with partners

In light of the Android Stagefright security vulnerability that has frightened users everywhere, as well as Google’s slow response in issuing a security patch to resolve the issue, Samsung has decided that a new security update process needs to be in place. Working with carriers and partners rather than pushing the update directly to consumers has both its advantages and disadvantages, but when it comes to mobile security, there should only be a short waiting period.

Android One finally rolls out in Thailand

Android One is rapidly becoming available in more countries. The mobile platform is now available in the United Kingdom , Turkey, and in several countries in Asia--ready to make bigger waves in the emerging markets. This Android One is Google's entry-level mobile OS for developing countries where resources are limited.