Huawei tipped to manufacture the next Nexus phone

I know a lot of Google Nexus fans who are waiting for the next Nexus model. Rumor has it the next one will be a Huawei model. If true, it will be the first time Huawei will be offering a Nexus device to be powered by Google. The tech giant's next flagship phone could be a Huawei Nexus but we're leaving this as a rumor for now until more hints, leaked images, and eventually official teasers are published.

YouTube’s Collections feature to be discontinued May 20

If you're an avid YouTube viewer, subscriber, and creator, let it be known that Google is making some changes to the video sharing site and in how you manage channel and feed subscriptions beginning the 20th of May. The YouTube team has decided to discontinue Collections but promised to make subscriptions more enjoyable than ever.

Android devs add pre-register feature to Google Play

Software and game developers usually announce upcoming apps to build hype and attract future downloaders. Most games in the Google Play Store start that way, making gamers and geeks excited over the release of a new title. Some people want to be ahead of others by getting the app first even if just the beta version. Good thing Google now allows developers to add the option to pre-register for apps yet to be launched.

Android Community Weekly Digest: May 10, 2015

The past days were definitely for the history books, with some rather controversial news. T-Mobile goes after Verizon. The HTC One M9 fails to bring in the cash. Google's Project Fi messing with Google Voice. And Cyanogen, Inc. might start looking a bit like the bad guy. Of course, it's not all bad news, as Android Lollipop jumps to almost 10 percent last month. And the LG Watch Urbane turns out to be a repair-friendly wearable. All of these in your latest edition of Android Community's Weekly Digest, covering the period from May 4 to May 10, 2015.

Start ordering food while still on Google search page

Google is constantly trying to make life easier for us by integrating a lot of things while you're still on their search page. One of the newest things they've added is the ability to start ordering food, if it's available, when you search for your favorite restaurant, while still on the search page. This is pretty good news for people who like to order in, and it even gives you a choice as to where to order from.

Google Drive’s OCR-recognition now available for 200 languages

Optical character recognition, more popularly known as OCR, has been a lifesaver for those who have a lot of documents, books, research materials, papers, to scan and digitize. Even though we live in an increasingly digital world, a lot of materials are still on paper, and need to be transferred by scanning. But OCR allows those scanned materials to become textual content, and therefore searchable. Google Drive has had OCR capabilities for some time now, but the latest update brings it to even more languages, rather than just English.

Google thinking about better privacy for Android

With growing pressure from Apple and their iOS devices, Google wants to make sure that Android device users will not ditch the platform because of security and privacy issues. Android recently simplified the way users are informed about what an app accesses. Not surprisingly, Google is thinking about going back to a more detailed way of presenting what user data is accessed.

Official Google rep shares more about Project Fi on Reddit

So Google has started sending out the invitations to try out Project Fi. One Redditor gladly showed screenshots of the invite and some details about the experimental wireless service. Naturally and as with any topic on Reddit, a number of fellow geeks commented especially about some Google Voice features being not available on Project Fi. According to Google, Google Talk and Google Voice apps won't work. This won't also work with Obihai devices.

What to expect at the Google I/O 2015 Conference

It's that time of the year when developers are busy preparing for the Google I/O conference. Google especially is working harder year after year to deliver the best sessions. It's one tech event that reporters, bloggers, and fans around the world look forward to because it is when the latest Android platform is revealed. This year, we have the Android M to be excited about and we're expecting the guessing game for what the letter "M" could be--Muffin? Milkshake? Macaron? Meringue? Your guess is as good as mine.