Google launches Ethernet Adapter for Chromecast, now sold out

Don't get your hopes up as there's no new Chromecast yet. Google knows its current digital media player is still doing great in the market. It's almost two years old and yet support for the service is only expanding rapidly the past few months. The only disadvantage we see is that it only works over WiFi. Not that it's big problem but there is the reality of getting a poor WiFi connection at times. To solve this, Google has introduced a new adapter with built-in Ethernet port.

Smart contact lenses and teeth may be coming your way soon

If Google had their own way, all our body parts may eventually turn into "smart" and digitally enabled objects, at least based on some of the patents that they have been trying to get lately. A patent that was leaked showed that they are still hard at work on coming up with smart contact lenses, and a lot of other body-mountable devices will be coming our way, if they do get the patents and they get it to work.

Google releases tool to bring Material Design to blogs, websites

Have you ever looked at your website and thought to yourself, "Man, I wish my site could look as cool as my smartphone or the apps that I use on mobile!" If you've ever felt like your mobile device is prettier than when you look at your website, then the good news is that Google is bringing its Material Design sensibility to blogs through the Material Design Lite tool, which will help your blog look like the latest Android app.

Disappearing cached songs in Google Play Music is just a bug, will be fixed soon

If you're a frequent Google Play Music user, you might have noticed that there are times when your downloaded songs and playlists are being wiped out. Apparently, a number of users have reported the same thing. This happens when the phone has a microSD storage and the card is taken out for some reason. The first explanation given by a Google Play support agent to a Play Music user who asked about the problem was that it was a copyright protection feature of the service. That’s understandable but wrong.

‘Did You Mean…’ shows up on drop-down results on Google Search app

The top search engine sometimes suggests alternative search terms especially when it detects you might have made a mistake or spelled a keyword wrong. That's expected on the desktop version but we just heard reports of the Google Search app doing the same thing. This could mean an improvement to the algorithm of the Google search app perhaps to give Android users a more enhanced experience all the time whether on desktop or mobile device.

Free app on Google Play Family: Thomas’ Musical Day for Percy

If you have kids that are into the whole mobile games or apps thing (be honest, are there any kids who aren't?), then the weekly free app from Google Play Family is something to look forward to, not just for the young ones, but for the parents as well. And if the kid in your life is a fan of Thomas the Engine, then this week's free app will make them happy, as it is the interactive book, Thomas' Musical Day for Percy.

Specular Theory creates Terminator Genisys 360-degree video

If you've lost count of how many Terminator movies there have been in the advent of the release of Terminator Genisys, that doesn't really matter. What has gotten our interest is a short film created by the folks over at Specular Theory that is not just any promotional video, but rather a 360-degree virtual reality experience that you can enjoy on your desktop or on mobile devices, but especially with Google Cardboard to get the full-on effect. There is even a cameo by a certain well-known ex-Terminator and ex-California governor.

Users say Google capping “unlimited” uploads in Photos storage [UPDATE]

The use of the term "unlimited" has always been a contentious one between users and services who bandy about the term, even though they know that technically they're still offering a finite amount of bandwidth or space or whatever it is they're offering. When Google Photos first came out, people were pretty excited with the unlimited storage that they were harping on. But now some users are reporting that they are now being capped when uploading a large number of photos to their Google cloud.