Mexico, Slovakia, Indonesia receive Play Store carrier billing support

Paying for goods found in the Google Play Store has always been easy and convenient. You only need to enter your credit card information or you can also choose to receive a bill from your carrier. I prefer credit card payment because it's more widely used but some people prefer carrier billing. It actually makes sense because it can be easier to keep track of charges while credit cards can be more easily abused.

Google SVP Sundar Pichai wants mobile phones to be less intrusive

Technology may already be at its peak but there is certainly more rooms for improvements and innovation. Google, being ahead of most companies in the industry today, aims to provide not just accurate information whenever it's needed but also provide a well-balanced life. The idea may be impossible because as technology progresses, there is the danger of people depending more on it and forgetting about the more natural stuff or things that really matter.

Warning: Google Photos saves photos without your knowledge, even when app is deleted

We were excited that Google has separated the Photos app from Google Plus and Google Drive because it now serves as a lone app for storing photos. Not that there are no alternatives but the Photos app is very much dedicated for cloud storage and photo backup. This has been tipped way back in 2014 when we heard Google+ Photos may be spinning into its own service and as a new web photo sharing service.

New minor updates for Google Docs, Slides, Sheets coming up

For apps that we constantly use for work and productivity purposes, updates, no matter how minor they are, are always welcome. Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides has been used by a lot of people as replacements for Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, especially in companies and organizations that rely a lot on Google products. There are upcoming updates to these apps that may not be that big of a deal, but they are still improvements nonetheless, especially if you're always on the go.

Android M Developer Preview updated, platform permissions modified

Not much has been said about the upcoming Android M to be released this fall but I'm sure you've been guessing and betting on what the 'M' could possibly stand for. Muffin? Merengue? Milk Shake? I'm going for Android Muffin because it's much easier to remember and illustrate. But let's not waste our time thinking about the next dessert Google will be serving us. Developers who recently got to experience the Android M Developer Preview will be happy to know that an update has been released.

Google Messenger updated with stickers, location sharing

Google officially launched the Messenger last year but it's only now that the instant messaging app is getting a significant update. This new version now comes with new stickers and  location sharing features. This messaging app already boasts of a modern user interface but the addition of new features makes it more convenient, easier, and more fun to use.