Casa de Balloon Club experiments launches with Android device

Have you ever dreamed of taking pictures of the atmosphere, but were too afraid to do so while parachuting, on a helicopter, or flying? (Okay, that last one was probably just your dream, unless you're a superhero). Maybe you've actually thought about taping a smartphone or camera onto a balloon and just letting it fly in the air and hope it will come back. That's exactly what Casa de Balloon Club did, but only more well-planned and well-executed, thankfully.

Apple Music coming to Android this fall

After the Google I/O Developer Conference, geeks have the WWDC 2015 to keep them busy. While the two events have two different markets, we're happy to announce that Apple and Google are finally working together by allowing some products and services to work on the other platform. Take for example this Apple Music. The new service won't be available only for the iPhones but will also work on Android devices.

Google attempting to get “iris fingerprint” through contact lens patent

Have you ever seen those heist action movies where the thieves needed to open a door and the only way to do so would be to use the eyeball of a certain individual and sometimes that individual isn't even there? Well, Google is trying to make sure that if ever you're in that situation, you wouldn't need to cut out someone's eyeball. All you'd need is their new contact lens patent that would give you an "iris fingerprint".

Chrome web browser updated with Touch to Search, Faster Checkout

Google has once again updated the Chrome browser for Android as well as Mac, Windows, and Linux. One of the main features is "Touch to Search" that is now available to all. With this feature, you can discover more about words simply by touching them on the screen. It's one cool feature that doesn't require the user to type or use voice search. Just tap on a word or phrase and then search results would show up.

Google to collect health data through Study Kit apps

With all the digital technology tools that are available to companies now, it has become so much easier for them to make studies, analysis, and conduct experiments on different aspects of our lives. While some may seem highly intrusive, there are studies that can actually be a matter of life and death, health-wise. Google is in the midst of launching something called Study Kit, which is actually the first major undertaking of Baseline Study, which aims to learn and show "what it means to be healthy".

Google Maps improves real-time transit info, adds more cities, countries

It used to be that map and navigation apps cater mostly to people who have cars or are driving or being driven around unfamiliar areas. But developers have been realizing that a lot of the people who need these kinds of services are commuters or people taking public transportation. Google Maps has been giving public transit information since 2007, but now they have vastly improved the service by giving you real-time transit conditions and adding more countries and cities covered.

Free up space on your device with Google Photos

If you've been online the past few days, then you've probably seen various people, blogs, and news sites raving about Google's newest baby, Google Photos. With its offering of unlimited cloud storage space, easy user interface, and other various features that makes it both easy and fun to use, it's no wonder that users are loving it. Another new (or newly discovered) feature will make it even more useful for the digital native, particularly for those who need extra space in their devices.