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Google applies for patent, brings voice controls to Google TV

Google has some big plans for Android and our homes. With lots of discussion lately of a Android@Home project under way and more we are now seeing some information that Google has applied for a patent to bring Voice actions and Siri-like voice controls to our living rooms and Google TV. Put down that remote, let Google and Android do everything for you.

Google TV big announcements coming today, could just be YouTube update

Over the weekend Google made some noise about an upcoming announcement for Google TV. Over on their official Facebook page they mentioned some "big announcements" coming today. Google told us to get ready for Monday so that is exactly what we've done. We'll be sure to update as soon as anything "big" drops, but we are now seeing an update on the Google TV Blog from late last night simply outlining a new YouTube app.

Google Home Entertainment System and Cloud Drive could be linked

We've already heard rumblings of the long-speculated Google cloud storage system coming to fruiting soon under the label "Google Drive". Now the rumor mill at WSJ is churning with news of a home entertainment service from the ubiquitous search engine provider, which may or may not be linked with the Android@Home project. It is coincidence that both of these stories have been leaked within hours of each other? Officially, yes; that's kind of the nature of a leak.  But unofficially it all points to a centralized, Google-hosted media hub that's accessible from any Android device, PC, or connected television.

LG’s first Google TV shows off a new interface

After months of rumors, Google formally announced a new set of partners for Google TV yesterday, with LG right at the top of the list. Now some renders/press shots for the very first model have appeared, and it's a stunner. The unspecified model will be shown off at CES next week. But what's more interesting than the TV itself is the interface displayed in the photos. That begs the question: is this a new interface for the new version of Google TV expected early this year, or a customized modification of the base software done internally by LG?

LG, Samsung and Vizio will all release Google TV hardware this year

We've been saying that Google TV needs a lot more partners if it's going to make it and boy howdy, Google's come through. In a post on the official Google TV blog, they've announced a series of new hardware partners including some very familiar names, like LG, Samsung and Vizio, all of whom will release Google TV powered devices sometime in 2012. Chipset makers Marvell and MediaTek were also announced, as well as the sole returning Google TV manufacturer, Sony.

Google TV switches from Intel to ARM amid low sales

The saga of Google TV has been something like a ballad of lament over the last few months, with Logitech abandoning the platform completely and interest drying up after the Honeycomb update. There are probably some considerable changes for Google TV coming in 2012, but one of the biggest has just been announced: future hardware will be built on ARM-based chips, like most Android smartphones and tablets. Previously Logitech and Sony's designs were based on an Intel x86 reference.

Some Logitech Revue retail units sold with bricked firmware

Google TV has taken a beating in the last few months, especially Logitech's flagship Revue set top box. To add insult to injury, GTV Source reports that a considerable number of users who recently bought the Revue found that it couldn't authenticate with Google's servers, making the device a curvy and expensive paperweight. Apparently the issue is only happening to newer Revue boxes, though that's hardly a comfort to those affected.

Apple’s Airplay comes to Google TV with Airtight app

Even at a site full of die-hard Android users, we're big enough to admit when a competing platform has a cool feature, and Airplay certainly falls in to that category. The feature allows iPhones and iPads to instantly stream video and audio to compatible devices, sort of like DLNA. Now that functionality has been extended to Google TV, by way of a GTV app known as Airtight. It's currently priced at 99 cents in the Android Market, though naturally you'll need Google TV hardware to see it.

Myriad Alien Vue brings Android apps to TV, minus Google

So, Google TV hasn't done very well so far. But that doesn't mean that big cable providers aren't sitting up and paying attention. A bevvy of app-enabled set top boxes from Apple, Google, Roku and others are starting to seriously worry the dinosaurs of the TV industry. So why not just add apps to current receivers? Most of them are basically just low-powered computers running a locked-down Linux derivative, after all. Myriad Group, the folks behind the Alien Dalvik software that allows iOS and other platforms to run Android apps natively, have done just that.

Logitech Revue owners petition for unlockable bootloader

Google TV has seen better days. After an exciting start, the HTPC platform has been largely ignored by mainstream consumers, and the two hardware launch partners remain the only makers of Google TV devices to date. Logitech's Google TV users remain a small but dedicated lot, and they're growing increasingly frustrated over a lack of support and late updates. In order to have full access to the Revue hardware, a group of owners have petitioned the company to unlock the boootloader, in order to easily and effectively create custom ROMs and other mods.
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