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HTC EVO 3D Bootloader will be Unlocked At Launch Says Rogers Canada

Exciting news coming from Rogers Canada today. They have just said that the EVO 3D will be launching soon and it will in fact have an unlocked bootloader already. You will not have to wait for the HTC update we are all waiting for. HTC recently announced they will be working on unlocking the bootloader for the current HTC Sensation and the EVO 3D and more to follow. It looks like you Canadians wont have to wait for such an update.

HTC EVO 3D Software Update, Deletable Bloatware at Launch

For all those of you who got their HTC EVO 3D early OR are getting their HTC EVO 3D tomorrow, I've got a couple of tidbits for you that might light your fire. First, there's a software update coming across that's 26.59MB large and in charge, and it'll fix a calendar bug that happens when you're rummaging around your calendar that'll force quit you on the spot. Second, the excellent news that you're able to delete SOME of your bloatware without root.

New Multi-Core Benchmarking System CF-Bench Tested on Sensation, EVO 3D, Galaxy Tab 10.1, A500, G-Slate

So we got wind of a brand new app on the block, one that may well replace our favorite dual-core benchmarking application Smartbench 2011 in a heartbeat. Of course, we'd never wish such a thing to happen, and given that we've recently had such awesome fun with that benchmarking system, we wish them only the best, but let's have a look at another option here. This is CF-Bench, a benchmarking tool that's got support for testing multiple cores on your Android device, allowing you to test both native and managed code - joyous day, let's see who gets the best!

EVO 3D Pre-Orders Arriving Starting Today

Those who took the time to pre-order the newest installment in the EVO legacy from HTC should be getting those devices in the mail starting today. We've got reports pouring in from all over the United States telling us that, indeed, Android fans are getting their pre-ordered devices, some having gotten a shipping notice in their email box, some having received nothing but the package. All will be happy to know that you're MORE than likely going to be getting your pre-ordered EVO 3D before the regular Friday release date - hooray!

HTC sales figures for May more than double last years

Sales figures for the highly popular HTC have came out again and I feel like just saying what we have the last three times -- They have gone up, and have gone up fast. HTC has continued to not only beat previous sales records but it looks like they are more than doubling up each year as well. I think they might owe a small piece of that success completely to Android, and when I say small I mean most of it.

Radio Shack announces pre-order for HTC Evo 3D

We reported last week that the HTC Evo 3D smartphone was rumored to be launching on June 24 thanks to a leaked flyer from the website. That launch date has now been confirmed by RadioShack or The Shack if you prefer and some of the special deals that The Shack is offering have been unveiled. The Evo 3D will in fact be in stores on June 24. We already know the specs of the smartphone, but if you missed them somehow they are after the cut.
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