Barnes & Noble

New Barnes & Noble tablet shows up in benchmarking, has Tegra 4 chipset

Barnes & Noble’s newest Nook has shown up in benchmark testing, this time sporting a Tegra 4 chipset. The tablet, which has yet to be launched despite continued rumors it would be throughout the year, has taken another step closer to reality. Though Barnes & Noble haven’t officially announced the device, benchmark results at least tell us this one is real, and probably coming soon.

Barnes & Noble NOOK HD gets another price cut

Last month the folks from Barnes & Noble confirmed they'll no longer be working on and manufacturing the NOOK tablet. Instead, the company will license out the brand moving forward, instead of building their own. At the same time we saw a quick price drop to help shed some of their inventory, but now it looks like another drop has arrived, at least for the NOOK HD in the UK.

Barnes & Noble announce in-app purchasing for NOOK

Some news for those who like in-app purchases and also happen to be using a NOOK. Barnes & Noble has announced the upcoming availability of in-app purchasing. This support is said to be coming "soon." More specifically, Barnes & Noble has said that "thousands of the most-requested games and apps featuring in-app purchasing" will be available in the coming weeks and months.
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