Link your wallpaper to a friend’s with APUS launcher new beta feature

If you’ve been using the APUS launcher as your default Android smartphone home screen launcher, a new beta feature might make you happy, if you’re into having the same wallpaper with a loved one. The Linked Wallpaper feature allows you to link your accounts together, making it easier to share photos or other images so that the two of you will be able to either stay in touch through your home screen or relive memories that only a photo can bring.

Sygic acquires Fuelio, premium app now available for free

Fuelio is one mobile navigation Android app that's been widely used by drivers. It was recently acquired by Sygic and so the latter has made the Fuelio app, a previously premium app, now available free for all Android users. All pro features of Fuelio can now be used including all charts, stats, summaries, widgets, as well as, Google and Dropbox syncing.

Snapseed releases version 2.0.3 with minor updates

Just a few weeks after Snapseed released version 2.0, they’re providing even more updates, albeit minor, as version 2.0.3 is now being rolled out for users of the mobile photo editing app. This seems a bit surprising because before April this year, it was two years since the app received an update, after being bought by Google back in 2012. So now an update in April, June, and now July seems proof that the tech giant is not neglecting the app, despite their all out push for Google Photos, which also has a few editing capabilities.

Lead the forest animals to safety in Forest Home

If you’re an animal lover who loves to play mobile games and enjoys solving puzzles, then you’ll probably enjoy this new game that is now available for Android smartphones and tablets. Forest Home lets you bring cute and cuddly forest critters back to safety by avoiding obstacles, feeding them, and beating the mischievous goblin that will try to distract you and lead the animals astray. As the developer says, “home is where the path is."

Spotify introduces Discover Weekly personalized “mixtape” for users

They may still be one of the most popular music streaming services out there, but the emergence of competitors that are bent on enticing users to their own product means that Spotify will have to step up their game even more. Apple Music’s human-curated playlists has been making headway with music lovers, but it isn’t as personal as some would like it to be. Therefore, Spotify’s new Discover Weekly feature may be the thing that some are looking for.

Google+ Photos to shut down, users migrate to new Google Photos

We knew it was coming, even though they’ve announced it only now. Google is effectively shutting down its previous photo cloud service, Google+ Photos. This is practically because of the new “unlimited” Google Photos that they released last May. Users of the previous service have been receiving prompts to migrate to the new one, and if you value the photos you’ve stored in the former, you better upload them to the latter.

RetroArch Android update: UI overhaul, under-the-hood changes

Video game console emulators have made it possible for mobile gamers to make use of their smartphones or tablets to play their favorite games, without having to bring along their game consoles everywhere they go. One of the more popular and well-received apps that do this is RetroArch, which we mentioned as one of our favorites before. Now the app has received a long awaited update, bringing an overhaul of its user interface, as well as several under-the-hood tinkers.

Feel the platform runner thrill in WonderCat Adventures

Cats own The Internets. In some part of the cyber world, there's a community of all cats that have become so popular in the web. We're tempted to make our own 'cats' category here because there are just too many cat and kitten-themed mobile games and apps on Google Play Store. There are probably hundreds to thousands already and I know we can't feature them all no matter how cute, entertaining, and addictive they all are.
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