Microsoft releases new apps for Android

Microsoft has just released a slew of new apps for Android: MSN Health & Fitness, Food & Drink, News, Weather, Sports, and Money. Looks like the Redmond developers have been busy working on apps for a different platform it’s actually confusing. Not that there’s a law against who can and can’t make apps for Android but sometimes you’ll wonder why. But then again, Microsoft could just be very generous and kind that it’s bringing important programs to the mobile platform.

Crowdfunding site IndieGogo now has an Android app

Crowdfunding over the years has become a truly valid source of investment for products, music, movies, etc that normally might have a hard time seeing the light of day. IndieGoGo has been one of those websites at the forefront of this kind of service, and now, they have an Android app, all the better to follow your favorite projects and discover new ones as well.

YouTube app updated with Material Design and Offline feature

Search and watch videos on YouTube now with a new feel and whenever you want. Google has updated the YouTube app which allows you to watch videos offline where there is little to no internet connection and has also worked in the new Material Design. The offline feature is only available in India, Indonesia, and the Philippines as for now. Google is working on updating their other apps as well to fit into the new Material design. Material Design sounds fancy, and it is. It's Android's new facelift with solid vivid colors, shadow textures, more animations, and more things that suggest new look and depth. With the new YouTube update, you can now search videos with filters like you do on the desktop version like: duration, HD, or closed caption. The offline feature only applies to certain videos, but much of those videos are popular YouTube content in India, Indonesia, and the Philippines. A new “offline” icon would appear on the video, where you would tap that to view for later when you don't have connection. The video is saved to watch later for up to 48 hours. You can now plan ahead of time when you know there's low/no internet connection in certain places.
YouTube is changing - and the change is good. Android users must be excited as they have been rolling out the latest Android Lollipop, new Material Design, and now new user interface Google apps. Alongside India, Indonesia, and the Philippines have been the first ones to experience the new offline feature. As stated by Google, the offline feature is just a start. What's in store for us in the future? What would make YouTube “that much better”? [gallery ids="205680,205681,205682,205683"] SOURCE: Google DOWNLOAD: Play Store [timeline]

Google Fit update adds 100 more activities for tracking

As 2014 is about to draw to a close, one inescapable fact is that this was the year when the wearables truly came into their own, particularly the smartwatches and the fitness trackers that helped mobile people try to add a bit of health consciousness in their lives. Google Fit is the tech giant's own effort to get into the market by turning your Android Wear and your Android smartphones into fitness centers.

Muzei update brings design update, Android Wear watchface

Live wallpaper app Muzei has received a massive update, with version 2.0 receiving a design upgrade to look compatible with the Material Design of Android 5.0 Lollipop. It also now comes with a watch face for your wearable so that your smartwatches running on Android Wear will look just as artsy and creative as your smartphone.

Cerberus 3.0 anti theft app updated with Material Design

Android users wanting an app to help them protect their device from theft have a newly updated option called Cerberus 3.0. Cerberus has been around for a while and is an app that helps you find your lost or stolen Android device. The app is available as a free trial for a week.

Amazon releases e-card app Surprise! in time for Christmas

Do you miss the good 'ole days when you would receive special Hallmark greeting cards during your birthday or Christmas or even just a random, romantic card from your special someone? But of course as with almost everything else that was analog, there is now a digital equivalent. Amazon announced that they now have an e-card app called Surprise! to help you, well, surprise your loved ones with an old school expression of affection given a digital touch.

Nokia’s HERE map app now available on Google Play Store

Nokia's HERE map app has been gaining ground as an alternative to Google Maps, but one thing that might have prevented more people from getting it for their smartphones is that you had to sidedownload it from their website. But all that is about to change as you can now download the app directly from the Google Play Store, although it is still in beta version.

Hangouts update: more creative interactions, suggestions

Text messaging is so early 2000s. These days, it's all about free messaging apps on your smartphones. With the popularity of such services as Viber, Whats App, LINE, Messenger and the likes, people are finding it more exciting to exchange messages with loved ones through these rather than the boring, simplistic SMS. Hangouts has been another popular messaging app, but some find it a little too staid or boring. But a new update aims to change that impression with new features that will make your interactions more exciting.
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