Defeat your demons (we mean actual demons) in Brave Knight Rush

If you’re the type of mobile gamer that is not afraid of fighting against demons and spiris and all kinds of scary stuff, then you’d might want to get your hands (or phones) on this new game available for Android devices. Brave Knight Rush is an action adventure game, but the best part about it, aside from fighting off the hordes of demons bent on killing you, is that you get to fight with what is probably the best weapon of all: an actual fire-breathing dragon.

Time to concentrate, block all those distracting apps and games with ClearLock

Ah yes, ClearLock is something that I really need in my life not just on my smartphone but also in my laptop so I can avoid checking out apps or programs that easily distract me during work. This productivity app prevents the user from wasting precious time from opening apps, reading articles, playing games, or checking various social media apps. ClearLock will definitely be a helpful tool because it can block all those distracting apps.

Google On companion app for OnHub router released

Trust Google to come up with products and services we sometimes don't really need or, at least, not yet. Others may not see the importance of having a smart connected home but there are those who'd like to be ahead and quickly adopt the smart home technology once readily accessible. Aside from improving Internet speed and bringing mobile connection to more people not only in the United States but also in other countries, the search giant has introduced the OnHub router less than two weeks ago. This router is a smarter and newer way to manage your Wi-Fi network and control devices at home.

BlackBerry CEO still not confirming Android phone, says more apps are needed

The previous rumors and recent leaks somehow all point to the possibility of an Android-running BlackBerry device but we have yet to hear from CEO himself John Chen. We all know Chen to be very confident when it comes to saying that the Canadian smartphone pioneer isn't in trouble and is doing okay or is not for sale anytime soon. We believe what he's saying but you can't deny the fact that BlackBerry needs some help now if it wants to remain in the mobile industry. The best thing it can do right now is to finally release a fully Android-powered BlackBerry device which we think is now in the works -- the BlackBerry Venice being the first.

Google Play Services updated to V 8.1 with (unusable) Android Pay 

We thought that the wait for Android Pay was almost over, but a few minutes later, we were proven wrong. We were already disappointed that the rumored launch last Wednesday was obviously wrong, but our hopes were up when the newest update of Google Play Services came out, as Android Pay was already visible. However, this may just be a very short preview, as the feature is still unusable at this point and eventually “disappears”.

Travel into the ghost realm in Whispering Willows, now on Android 

Games that make you feel like you’re a character in a movie are always a good thing right? What about those that make you feel like you’re both watching an animated movie and participating in it as well? Awesome right? Well, that’s what Whispering Willows seems to be, as the award-winning game makes its way to your Android devices and you delve into a world of mystery, spectral beings, and a haunted mansion with too many secrets.

Scribbled Arena is multiplayer tank PvP, with good old drawn maps

How many ways can you execute a tank head-to-head combat game? Not a whole lot, we would think. There are a lot of multiplayer tank battle games in the Google Play Store, so the key to winning the “battle” – as it were – to get noticed is in the details. Scribbled Arena, as the name of the game suggests, does this through nostalgia.

Live stream any app from your phone on Mirrativ app (beta)

The race for the best live-streaming app in the market is definitely on. From Meerkat and Twiiter-owned Periscope with their social media live broadcasts, to Twitch’s gaming livestream community, to Facebook’s celebrity livestreams. But while they can lifestream videos and games, there aren’t that many (or any at all) that can show other people in real time what you’re doing on your mobile device. Mirrativ may be that innovative livestream app to rule them all.

Bento Launcher renamed as Scout, still in beta mode

There are numerous app launchers already on Android but we're still on the lookout for the ultimate one that beats everything else. We know that won't happen soon because every time an app is launched and more changes are introduced, people will always demand for more. Mobile users will never be content so they will ask for more or new ones. That or they are easily bored. And that is why app developers need to keep on updating, innovating, and reinventing. For some, changing a name could probably make them more interesting like this Bento being rebranded as Scout.
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