Save the earth from the aliens in Buzz Killem

War veterans can never really retire from the life, especially when an alien invasion is imminent. That is what our intrepid retired soldier discovers just when he was about to start sitting pretty while fishing. Buzz Killem is the latest game from Noodlecake Games, the developer of the hit game Bill Killem (yes, Buzz and Bill are definitely related) and this time, they're bring their retro-looking arcade platformer to Android smartphones and tablets.

Mortal Kombat coming to Android in April

Some of the newer generation gamers do not understand what the big deal was with Mortal Kombat. The graphics were meh, the gameplay was nothing new – maybe it was the uber-gory fatalities that did the trick. But whatever it was, it made Mortal Kombat a gaming staple for generations (until Street Fighter took over its mantle). So, more nostalgia to come as Warner Bros. Interactive is set to bring Mortal Kombat to Android this April.

PhotoMath lets you become a mathematical genius in a few seconds

Have you ever encountered a math problem for work that suddenly got you stumped and unable to recall from your vast knowledge of college or even high school math? Well of course you can Google for the answers or post the problem on your social networks in the hopes that someone will take pity on your numbers-challenged self. But there should be an easier way than that right? Well, as they always say now, there's an app for that.

My Study Life lets you store notes, homework, classes in the cloud

Even if I'm happy and comfortable behind my laptop tapping away words for work, I sometimes wish that life was this easy back in school. You know, when I could bring my laptop or tablet inside the classroom to take down notes. And when I'm done with my class, I can enjoy browsing the Internet and continue doing my "research" because the whole school is WiFi-enabled. Yep, I'm part of the last generation of university students where owning a laptop was still a luxury and getting into the Internet required dialling into the ISP network.

Order pizza through your smartwatch with Domino’s Android Wear app

When restaurant chains started having apps so you could order through your smartphone or tablet, admit it, you kinda wished that someday, your wearables will follow suit. Well, that "dream" has finally come true, and if you are a fan of Domino's Pizza, then you're definitely in for a treat. The innovative pizza chain has come out with an app for smartwatches running on the Android Wear platform, and your delivery order is now just a few swipes away.

BBM update: customizable PIN, Android Wear support

For the 10 people (okay, maybe 20) who still have a Blackberry among your contacts, having a Blackberry Messenger is still very much convenient way of communicating with the rest of the Android, Windows or iOS people. The latest update for their BBM for Android app brings more customizable options as well as support for those who have Android Wear smartwatches.

Be the King of Thieves in Zeptolab’s latest on Amazon Appstore

Zeptolab, developer of the very popular and addicting Cut the Rope game, has just released a new game on the Amazon Appstore. King of Thieves is a new game that allows the (un)hero to steal gold, gems, and other shiny things from other players to win the game and become the richest thief. Don't take this game seriously though because the "stealing" and "looting" are all just for fun. It will teach you how to defend your loot and watch out for other thieves getting into the dungeons and traps you designed yourself.

Madfinger announces zombie shooter called “Unkilled”

Considering that the outfit almost exclusively puts out zombie games, it’s not at all surprising that Madfinger has come out with a zombie shooter as its next title. The game is called “Unkilled” and it features great quality visuals, something of a trademark from Madfinger’s games. Hopefully the game is as addictive and engaging as they tout it to be.

Stickman Tennis 2015 arrives for Android, tests your gaming skills

If you’re a little turned off by the title “Stickman Tennis 2015”, we highly suggest that you reserve your gaming judgment after you’ve tried the game. Stickman Tennis is already an accomplished title out of iOS and is acclaimed for its gaming qualities. This new title from Djinnworks is not your typical serve-and-smash tennis game – it’s actually very challenging and enjoyable.
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