Huawei Honor 4X now ready for pre-order on Amazon

The Honor 6 Plus may be Huawei's current flagship Android phone but the Honor 4X is expected to be another winner, at least, in the mid-range phone category. A video trailer was recently released, showing off the upcoming Android smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer. We know his phone won't disappoint because the specs are okay--good enough for a sub $300 mobile device.

LG G2 from T-Mobile, AT&T finally getting Android Lollipop

We almost forgot about the LG G2 since the leather-backed G4's April 28 arrival is being anticipated but the 2013 flagship phone from the South Korean tech giant is ready to received Android Lollipop. When Verizon released the Lollipop software update for the LG G2, we knew both AT&T and T-Mobile will soon follow. It's not really a surprise since we spotted a Lollipop-powered G2 on video back in January and LG confirmed it last year after the new mobile OS from Google was announced.

Google launches Designed for Families program for kid-friendly apps

One of the best things that have come up with the rise of the apps is that digital education, and education in general, has become more fun for a whole new generation of digital natives. Google recognizes that there are developers out there that are focused on creating apps that will cater to children and families and they want to give them tools to inspire them more and to help market them as well.

EU to reportedly file anti-trust charges against Google

If reports are to be believed, today will be a historic day for Google, and not in a good way. Rumors are swirling about that the European Union will finally be filing charges against the tech giant for violating antitrust laws. This may be the biggest battle of this kind since the anti-trust case against Microsoft almost a decade ago. While this will not come as a surprise since the investigation has been going on for five years already, it will definitely have huge financial consequences for Google should they lose the case.

Cast your music to LG Music Flow through Google Cast

LG is introducing its very first audio products that will not require you to attach your smartphone or tablet to the speakers just so you can listen to your favorite song or share your current playlist at your party. That's because Music Flow is a HiFi audio system that is Google Cast-enabled, so as long as your source device has the extension, then it can cast your music onto the speakers and sound bars, for a truly wireless experience.

Huawei Smartwatch to arrive middle of the year

Huawei has already introduced its entry to the smartwatch arena at the Mobile World Congress early last month. We were able to get our hands on the company’s first Android Wear watch and we were impressed that it doesn’t look too geeky. It actually looks like any ordinary round watch. If it weren’t for the digital display, you’d think it’s just your average everyday watch.

Skullduggery lets you fling your skull around to kill other skulls

They say that there are only two things certain in this life: death and taxes. Well these two come together in a new Android game that lets you enjoy Angry Birds-like flinging but in a platformer with retro sensibility and a grotesque kind of humor to go with it. Skullduggery, just like what its name actually means, is full of hanky panky, challenging gameplay, all set in the afterlife. Oh and did we mention that you'll be playing a skull?

Xiaomi cracking down on fakes, losing millions of sales

Fake phones are nothing new especially in China where everything can be manufactured. From gadgets to designer bags to toys and even eggs, you can find them in the country. While that proves how smart and ingenious the Chinese people are, it's not exactly good for big tech business like Xiaomi. Fans of the Chinese phone maker were reportedly being duped of counterfeit phones. This was discovered when Bluebox Labs unknowingly tested a fake Xiaomi a couple of months ago.

CloudMagic update: better compose layout, drafts now supported

There are a lot of email apps out there to help you communicate with people while on your mobile devices. While a lot of people use Gmail, Inbox, Mail, or even their device's native email app, there are still some out in the market that have great features and may even be better than the bigger named apps we mentioned. One of those that have received rave reviews from Android users and tech enthusiasts is CloudMagic. Their latest update makes the compose page better and adds support for drafts as well.