Samsung gives digital gifts for Galaxy Note 5 and S6 edge Plus buyers

Aside from the fact that you have a new smartphone or phablet, one of the things owners of new Samsung gadgets look forward to is the fact that the OEM gives them free digital gifts. For Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge Plus owners, the new set of Galaxy Gifts consists of 14 treats from various apps, from games, to subscriptions to digital content to exercise apps to a discount on your next trip through a travel app.

Google to publicly launch YouTube Gaming tomorrow, August 26

Twitch has introduced a new level of gaming but it will soon have a rival when YouTube Gaming goes live. We described it as Google’s own version of vicarious gaming and we'll know soon enough how it would change the live gaming landscape. The timing may be a bit late because summer is over and school has just started but hey, this is a new kind of gaming I'm pretty sure most geeks would love to try and get into.

LINE major update: Premium Call rebranded, calling now easier

Messaging apps have long become more than just about sending messages to friends and loved ones. You have games, apps within the app, multi-media features, and most importantly for some, free calls (or at least low-cost calls). LINE is bringing a major update to its app, and that includes rebranding their Premium Call into LINE Out and making it easier for users to make calls, either free or not so free. And this update is coming to Android devices first!

Two of four new Acer phones leaked ahead of IFA 2015

Acer is expected to unveil at least four new smartphones at next week’s IFA 2015 in Berlin. But even though this event is just a few days away, some people (maybe from Acer themselves!) can’t seem to keep still and now two of those devices have been leaked from “reliable sources”. Initially, rumors were abounding that these devices were going to be Windows-powered, but it looks like the OEM is sticking to Android, at least for the Acer Liquid Z630 and the Acer Liquid Z530.

More images, specs leaked for Lenovo Yoga 3 8” tablet

A few days after some images of the rumored upcoming new Lenovo Yoga 3 were leaked, we have a new round of “guess the specs” and even more pictures of the newest addition to their tablet line. A Ukrainian retailer has actually posted a product page, complete with specs and details of the 8” tablet, and a few image as well. Now as to whether you’ll believe an online retailer over in Eastern Europe is up to you of course, but it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at what it’s saying.

Fishbone Charging Station helps bring order to your gadgets and wires

One of the most common problems facing people with multiple gadgets is always bringing order to their wires, power outlets and the devices themselves. If you live with other people, it becomes a war for the limited electrical outlets. If you lose the war, then you are forced to use your laptop or computer’s USB port which takes more time. And if you have multiple gadgets, the tendency is for all your wires to get criss-crossed. A new Kickstarter product called the Fishbone Charging Station tries to solve those problems for you.

Which phone charges the fastest? ASUS ZenFone 2, Galaxy S6 in the lead

Length of time charging batteries used to be not an issue but since smartphones and technology continue to advance each and every day, battery life is usually the first one to be affected. Standby time is no longer a useful measurement. And while battery sizes differ and there’s also a question of efficiency, it can be a challenge to tell which one is the best because each person’s usage differ.

Latest Humble Bundle brings Humongous Mobile games

Time for some Humble Mobile Bundle games again. Such deal is always exciting because of the great games going on sale as part of one bundle. The latest deal is said to be humongous not just because of the popular games included but also because the name of the developer is Humongous.

Xiaomi launches in Africa next month through Mobile in Africa

The top mobile phone brand in China will finally arrive in the fastest growing mobile region for the past five years. This September, Xiaomi will finally reach the sub-Saharan African region as the Chinese brand will now be distributed by Mobile in Africa Limited to 50 countries across the continent. This is part of their brand expansion beyond their homeland, trying to get an even bigger share of the worldwide mobile pie and probably scaring their closest competitors in the process.