Moto 360 firmware update improves performance of smartwatch

The first round-faced smartwatch running on Android Wear, the Moto 360, is pretty sweet already on its own, but of course, as with most 1st generation devices, there might still be some bugs in it. The round smartwatch owners received a prompt to download and install a new firmware update.This has reportedly bettered the performance of the wearable, even if there are no major feature-based improvements.

Rumored Samsung Galaxy A series to have LTE connectivity

As we reported late last week, it's been leaked that Samsung will be launching three new phones in the Galaxy A series line, slightly lower-end, probably non-metal versions of the recently-launched Galaxy Alpha. Now, more details have reportedly surfaced, and if they are to be believed, all three smartphones will have LTE connectivity, a must-have now for devices, but also not something that lower-end phones usually tout.

WhoSampled music discovery app comes to Android

For true-blue music geeks, finding out the DNA or origin of songs is something that thrills them. After all, as filmmaker Kirby Ferguson says, Everything Is A Remix. But while Google (or Wikipedia) is always there if you want to research, it would be handy to have an app that has a wide database to do that for you. Award-winning app WhoSampled is now finally available on Android, and it is a music aficionado’s dream come true (well, if you’re into that sort of thing).

HeadsUp forks Android L’s future type of notifications

As users continue to add more and more apps to their mobile devices, it’s also becoming more important to have an efficient notification system that will stop you from going bonkers. One of the rumored features of the upcoming Android L is a heads up, floating type of notification, which will make it easier to view and handle them. Several apps have already tried to imitate this feature and one of the newer ones is called, what else, HeadsUp.
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