GoPro looking at releasing a mobile editing app later this year

While the GoPro product line has definitely captured the attention (and wallets) of the more adventurous type of mobile videographers, one problem that users have been facing is editing and sharing the videos without having to transfer it to a computer or laptop. The company president, Tony Bates, confirmed that they are actually this close to launching an app that will solve those problems and they plan to launch it by the end of the summer.

Here’s how to get that rare, Galaxy S6-exclusive Hearthstone card

More good news for you Hearthstone addicts out there. Aside from ‘The Grand Tournament’, the second expansion of the game coming really soon, you can now get the new rare card from Galaxy Gifts even if you're not a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone owner. You see, this particular card is hard to get so I'm pretty sure that fans like you are really bummed that it's kind of exclusive for Samsung device owners.

Hearthstone busting out a second expansion called ‘The Grand Tournament’

Once again, Blizzard is keeping interest alive in its premium collectible card battle game Hearthstone by coming out with a 2nd expansion this August. Hearthstone is easily one of the most popular card battle games around, and there are a LOT of those on Android. Blizzard gained Android traction when it finally made the game available to Android devices with smaller screens, such as smartphones. And now, a new expansion set – with new cards and gameplay elements – to reel you in.

HTC One M9 gets the Goldgenie treatment

As with the past HTC One models and perhaps as a tradition, the latest HTC One M9 flagship phone is getting the Goldgenie treatment. After the HTC One, One M8, and the One Mini getting luxury models, it's the HTC One M9's turn to have the gold, platinum, and rose gold versions from Goldgenie. The company has been known to give smartphones new luxury coating made especially for those who can afford them.

Android 5.0 Lollipop rolling out for mid-range Lenovo S60 phone

Remember the Lenovo S60 that launched in India last May? The mid-range smartphone is finally getting a taste of the sweet Android 5.0 Lollipop. From KitKat to Lollipop, the phone is about to get sweeter than ever. Aside from being sold in India, the Lenovo S60 was also made available in Russia complete with it's 5-inch IPS display screen, 13 megapixel rear camera, 5 megapixel front-facing camera, 4G/LTE connectivity, and a 2150 mAh battery.

Kodi 15.0 is Isengard, officially out on Google Play

I figure we should stop calling it XBMC now, given that the developing team has given so much effort to bringing this wonderful media management app to all of us. This is Kodi 15.0 – affectionately called “Isengard” by those who are close to it – but now officially out to all of the Android world via the Google Play Store.

Pebble Time updates Android firmware, coming soon for older models

Since Pebble Time devices have now reached some of its intended users, specifically those who supported its Kickstarter campaign, it’s now time to upgrade its firmware for those using the wearable on an Android platform. A lot of the changes that they’ve made are based on user feedback and suggestions, and on their official site, they even put some of the exact tweets that have inspired the developers to make on the firmware.

YouTube Android app now automatically adjusts vertical videos

No matter how many video tutorials you put out there, no matter how many strangers you see taking mobile videos the wrong way in public, people will still take videos vertically. Whether it’s stubbornness, laziness, or just plain ignorance, a lot of people still take their videos vertically, even though we all know that horizontal is the right way. Some apps have resorted to just embrace it rather than whine about it. YouTube is the latest one to do so, as its Android app now recognizes and adjusts it accordingly.

Google shows off new 360 degree video ads

Never underestimate Google when it comes to innovating products and services. And when it comes to its AdWords program, expect Google to work on it because along with YouTube and mobile search, the ad program is one of the company's constant source of revenue as we noted in the latest Q2 financial results. Admit it or not, video is currently the most effective way to market a product.

Learn electronics design with the Raspberry Pi Hacker Bundle [DEALS]

Build robots, sensors, and much more with skills you can take away from the Raspberry Pi Hacker Bundle. This bundle offers savings of 93% for a limited time at Android Community Deals. Raspberry Pi is a miniature and inexpensive computer that can be used in an almost limitless number of applications. You can use it to make all sorts of electronics projects such as robots, walkie-talkies, light sensors, toys, and more. You can even hook a Raspberry Pi up to a monitor and keyboard and use it as an ultra low cost personal computer.
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