Android 3.0 puts the todo app back in the running

You'd think that todo lists, simple as they are in concept, would be equally easy to get right in implementation. And yet the myriad of todo apps floating around proves otherwise. It hard to perfect such an app but few have come quite close., which began its life on the iPhone, was one of those but sadly it slowed down its pace after some period success. With the latest update, however, that brings the app to a 3.0 version, not only gets a fresh new look but a fresh new chance to become big again.

Google Handwriting Input believes in the beauty of your penmanship

We're already living in a digital world where things can be typed on a physical keyboard, on-screen keyboard, touchscreen, touch display, or whatever surface. Some mobile devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 feature handwriting features. while others even come with a special stylus like the Neo Smartpen N2. For those who have ordinary tablets or phones, there are several mobile apps that bring handwriting input.

Chrome for Android 42: notifications site updates, add sites to homescreen

If Chrome for Android is your default mobile web browser and you frequent several websites often, this latest update to the app would make life easier for you. Version 42 of Google's browser brings a feature where you can opt to receive notifications when certain websites have updated their content. It also gives users the option to add certain websites to their homescreens, so they don't need to keep typing the url on the address bar.

Google Drive, Google Docs for Android receive updates

It's Wednesday, so you know that one or two (or all!) of your Google products will probably receive an update today. This week, among the new goodies that they've given us is some enhanced features for Google Drive and Google Docs. Working from your Android mobile device is a reality that a lot of us are living with now, and we often need functions that are just available for desktop versions. But the newest update has brought these to these work-related apps.

Sony speculated to announce the Xperia Z4 this April 20

Most of the flagship phones from the biggest phone manufacturers have been released already. Samsung's Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are already making waves while the LG G4 will be unveiled this coming April 28. We're only waiting for Sony to send an official press event for the Xperia Z4 after the company skipped the Mobile World Congress last month. There was no sight of the Sony Xperia Z4 but the past few weeks, we've been seeing a lot of leaked images, more leaked photos, and some leaked renders. We can't ignore those leaked specs via GFXBench and that FCC sighting earlier this month too.

EU files antitrust case against Google, also looking into Android

The rumors have been officially confirmed, as the European Union has filed antitrust charges against Google with regards to their search practices and business dealings. The formal complaint says that the tech giant has been “systematically favoring its own comparison shopping product in its general search results pages”. The commission has said they may also be opening an investigation into Google's other business, Android, as they may also be infringing antitrust rules in their business dealings with other OEMs.

LeTV looks to be a new player in high-end devices

It wasn’t too long ago when China-based brands like Xiaomi, OPPO, and OnePlus made their debut and sounded their challenge to the established order of smartphone manufacturers. These young Chinese companies were aggressive and were willing to sell devices that have the same or almost the same specs as the flagship and high-end devices Samsung, Apple, HTC or LG – and selling them at ridiculously low prices. It looks like we have another new player in LeTV.

Huawei P8, P8max revealed: reaching for the skies

Given how the smartphone market is these days, it's not that easy to leave a mark in consumer's consciousness, especially when you're up against giants like Samsung or Apple. Even in China and the East, Huawei would have a hard time competing for space with the likes of Xiaomi. That said, once in a while a smartphone does come up with rather interesting bits and pieces that make it worthy of a second and deeper look. The Huawei P8 that was just revealed today could very well be such a smartphone.
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