LG launches new midrange phones for global market

Korean phone manufacturer LG began the year by launching the quirky but beautiful LG G Flex 2, the first smartphone to come out with Qualcomm’s spanking new Snapdragon 810 processor. While waiting for the new flagship for the year – the LG G4 – the Korean manufacturer is still busy by pumping out new midrange options that should compete in that segment of the global market. Welcome the LG Magna, LG Spirit, LG Leon, and LG Joy – the first three with 3G and 4G variants.

Watch how OPPO does a phone stress test the professional way

Built like a tank. This is how O-fans describe the OPPO smartphones. The Chinese phone manufacturer was proud to release a video of a Smash and Grab Test, showing us how they do it inside the factory. Drop test? There really is a more scientific way to do it. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge drop test did by a Korean YouTuber, this test by OPPO gives us an idea not only how tough the phone is but also how the professional geeks are over at OPPO do their job.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge dropped brutally on the floor

Drop tests are nothing new but there are more proper and "scientific" ways on how to do them. They are inevitable and anyone who wants to know if a mobile device is all ready for rough and rugged use can just do a drop test. However, simply dropping the phone can be quite scary. This Korean Youtuber who happened to get a hold of a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge did a drop test. I'm not sure if this is the ultimate drop test but the way she dropped the smartphone was really nerve-wracking.

Chronology: save the future by traveling to the past

"Time changes everything". And this new Android game seems to take it literally. Time travel is something that has fascinated a lot of people (well at least those interested in science fiction in the first place) and those people will definitely enjoy playing Chronology, a puzzle platformer game that will enable you to travel back and forth in time in order to ensure that the world will eventually have a future.

Sony’s SmartEyeglass now available in 10 countries

If you don't mind looking a bit like a dork (not that anything is wrong with that, really) and walking around ooohhing and aaaahing at things that only you can see, then you better get excited because Sony's SmartEyeglass augmented-reality glasses will now be on sale in 10 countries. If you live in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, UK, and the US, then you'll be one of the first to own this device.

Niantic Labs’ Ingress game to be turned by Google into a TV show

Well, moving to TV certainly seems like one of the options available for Google right now to make more money off the hit AR (augmented reality) game Ingress. The game was created by the mothership’s gaming studio, Niantic Labs, and has been one of the real hits that brought AR gaming into the public spotlight. The question is, how do you package the game for TV?

Bluetooth, WiFi certifications for possible new NVIDIA SHIELD portable

There have been gadgets certified by the Bluetooth SIG and the Wi-Fi Alliance that didn’t even see the light of day, but we’re hoping that this possible new portable gaming device from NVIDIA will be the SHIELD 2 gaming portable. There is very little information on these to certifications, but we can only hope that a new NVIDIA portable gaming handheld is on the way.

Charge your Pebble smartwatch on the go with NomadKey

If your original Pebble smartwatch is a hotbed of activity, meaning you get notifications every few seconds, or you constantly use it to monitor your workouts and activities, then chances are, you would need to constantly charge your wearable device. But since it has quite a unique charger, as compared to the micro USBs of most smartphones or gadgets, that just means additional baggage for you. But a new portable charger called NomadKey for Pebble is tiny, convenient and just perfect for your quick charging needs.

Chrome OS on Beta receives new launcher with Google Now

If you're testing out Chrome OS beta, you'd be happy to know that Google has added a new feature that is expected to speed things up: the Chrome Launcher 2.0. Launchers have been very useful on smartphones but it's only now that desktops can take advantage of them the same way in mobile devices. Launchers are not just simple shortcuts because they offer more information and easy access to apps you often use.
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