Facebook introduces “M” virtual assistant for Messenger

As more and more merchants try to sell their wares through Facebook, eventually, you’d need a virtual shopper to help you navigate your way through the tricky waters of social media shopping right? You never thought about it? Well, apparently, Facebook has as they introduce the personal digital assistant “M” a combination of AI and actual humans who will answer your questions and inquiries, mostly about e-shopping on Facebook Messenger.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 now ready for pre-order in the US

The ultra-thin Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 will soon be available in the United States. Samsung has just offered the product for up pre-order from some carriers and retailers in the country. Tablets will be available starting September 3, Thursday next week, all ready in its lightest and thinnest form. The new Android tablet is said to be super fast and boasts of an elegant design that's very familiar among premium Samsung devices.

Just $29 to learn how to code apps for Android 6.0 [DEALS]

Develop your own apps and games with the Hot Java Android 6.0 Coding Bundle, 95% off for Android Community readers. The Hot Java Android 6.0 Coding Bundle includes lifetime access to five courses that can turn you into an Android development pro. The courses in this bundle were designed to be accessible to everyone regardless of experience. Even if you think you have no clue about programming, you can take these courses and excel at them.

LG rolls out Rolly Keyboard, first rollable keyboard for mobile use

LG plans on capturing a larger percentage of the mobile market but it's a bit challenging especially if it has Samsung for a rival especially in their native South Korea. Well, LG is still in the business and is determined to join the mobile accessories industry by coming up with special covers and cases for smartphones, Bluetooth headsets, and now this, a full-size portable keyboard.

Galaxy Note 5 for Europe reportedly shows up in Samsung website

These might just be the imaginings of a Galaxy Note fan in Europe who’s still hoping to get their hands on the OEM’s newest phablet, but reports are saying that the Galaxy Note 5 has made an appearance in Samsung’s own website. This has given hope to those who are frustrated that Samsung decided not to sell the device and its semi-controversial S Pen in the European market. But just don’t get your hopes up too much as these are just unconfirmed rumors.

Apple former CEO John Sculley intros low-cost Android smartphones

Because the world will never get enough of new gadgets, it's time for phone makers to come up with unique design or cool features if they want to thrive in an industry that's already saturated. But of course, there are still those who know what geeks really want and how much there are willing to pay, being geeks themselves, like Ammunition who has recently announced the Obi Worldphone. The world phone reference makes it seem like a premium smartphone that can be used anywhere in the world and this one is indeed something you can show off, what with the high-end technologies from Google, Dolby, Sony, Samsung, Qualcomm, Mediatek, Japan Display, and Corning all integrated inside.

NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV console now available at the Play Store

Starting today, graphics and device manufacturer NVIDIA have announced that North American customers can now purchase their NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV directly from the Google Play Store. It took a while for what is currently the world’s most powerful Android device in the market to get to Google’s online portal, but it’s there now.

YouTube Gaming is a meta-channel for gamers, and an app too

YouTube is now launching a dedicated meta channel – that is, a collection of channels – that is all about gaming and gamers. It’s called “YouTube Gaming” and it features over 25,000 game-related pages which include device manufacturers, gaming accessory makers, and game developers. It will also include the even more numerous gaming-related channels in YouTube.

Amazon releases updated shopping app, now calls it Underground

Amazon has recently introduced a new shopping app for Android. Amazon Underground lets you do your shopping for apps and games for free. By free we mean the apps offered are complete with all the premium features. No need to pay extra for in-app items because the titles included are free versions of popular paid apps like 'Goat Simulator', 'OfficeSuite Professional 8', 'PhotoSuite 4', 'Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions', 'Frozen Free Fall', 'Looney Tunes Dash!', and 'Angry Birds Slingshot' among others.

45 more countries now have Google Map Maker back

Three months after Google decided to temporarily shut down their Map Maker tool because of some users that abused the features, the tech giant has finally announced that they are bringing it back online in 45 more countries, including the US. Two weeks ago, 6 countries were given back this privilege and after some fine-tuning, Google is now opening up Map Maker, but with a few changes to try and ensure the incidents don’t happen again.
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