HTC WF5w is HTC’s slimmest phone, certified by TENAA

If you think of HTC and its flagship devices, you probably would have to search high and low for something slim and sexy. That is until today, when China’s TENAA (FCC equivalent) certified an HTC smartphone coded as the HTC WF5w – probably the slimmest HTC device at 7.49mm. Let’s look at what we can learn about this previously unannounced device.

Latest Sharp Aquos phones feature slow motion playback effect

Sharp isn't making a very grand announcement about the special feature but the latest smartphones from the company can play videos at rates of up to 2,100 frames per second (fps) for a slow motion effect. While other brands are adding 4K video capability, Sharp is adding slow video playback as a unique feature of newest flagship phones running Android. The latest models--Sharp Aquos Series, Aquos Xx, and the Aquos Zeta--all boast of cameras that can shoot at 210 fps in 854 x 480 pixel resolution in FWVGA mode or 120 fps in Full HD recording mode.

Sony releases fast charger, style cover window case for Xperia Z3+

Just a day after Sony officially announced their brand new Xperia Z3+ (which was introduced as the Xperia Z4 in Japan only), the OEM has released some new accessories that will help you enjoy your new (future) smartphone to its full capacity. While there are very few differences between the current flagship and this new one, if you're looking at switching to a Sony Android phone, then this will not be a bad place to start.

Breath of Light is another relaxing, enchanting puzzle game

Here's another puzzle game that will hypnotize you and probably make you addicted to it: Breath of Light. The name alone gives a feeling of happiness, lightness, relaxation, and comfort. If you're looking for an app that will help you relax, destress, and meditate--this one is it. The puzzle game features a soundtrack so hypnotic by Winterpark. Think of Zen gardeing, Indian Buddhist art, and Sumi-e inks and you'll experience them with the Breath of Light app.

Go on a space adventure with Plancon: Space Conflict

If it's been one of your life dreams to pilot a craft in space but of course you know it probably won't happen in this lifetime (unless, you're in some kind of training with NASA now), at least you know you can always turn to apps and games to fulfill that goal. One game you can play is Plancon: Space Conflict which mixes space exploration and alien invasion in one epic adventure in the outer reaches of the universe.

OnePlus says it’s “time for change”, new phone might be announced June 1

After spotting what's believed to be the OnePlus Two benchmarked on Geekbench, here comes OnePlus teasing something on Twitter. The company posted a hint about a device that could "shake up the tech industry". The OnePlus team says it's time for change so we could expect a new phone, possibly the OnePlus Two after all it's been tipped already and we heard that OnePlus is planning to release two smartphones this year.

Verizon offers no activation, upgrade fees with Edge

Starting May 31, loyal customers of Verizon Edge can upgrade their plans anytime as long as their device is already paid. This makes it simpler and easier for them to upgrade to a new phone under a good deal. Availing of the Verizon Edge will bring more savings and benefits to subscribers. No need to pay anything toward a new Edge device but you need to pay the amount over 24 months, without any interest.

Infographic: How much of your smartphone is screen

We love infographics. It seems that as the years progress, people have become better and better at doing this – that is, communicate a complicated issue with visuals so much better than just mere words would. Today we have a particularly telling one from the guys over at, one that shows you just how much of your phone is screen real estate in relation to bezels and other non-screen elements.

Hyundai’s 2015 Sonata is first car to have Android Auto

The first one out the road when it comes to the brand new Android Auto platform is Hyundai as they announced that their 2015 Sonata model will now come installed with the connectivity system. Fret not already existing Sonata owners that did not make it to this new feature. They will also be offering upgrades for your car to have this installed when you bring it to an authorized dealer. This will make your smartphone activities while driving less distracting and more focused on the actual driving.
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