Choose your own outcome in comic book puzzler Framed

If you like reading comic books and if you like taking control of characters’ fates in games or if you like reading the Choose Your Own Adventure books that became popular decades ago, then this new game will be right up your alley. Framed has won over 25 awards (as it states on their Google Play page) from various gaming award-giving bodies because of its innovative gameplay and visual design as well. Now you can play this “noir-puzzle game” on your Android devices.

MIUI 7 now available for non-Xiaomi phones

Truth be told, I’ve never warmed to MIUI – which if you don’t recognize the name, it is the skinned user interface that Xiaomi uses as its version of Android for its phones. MIUI has a very iOS feel to it – it’s very streamlined and minimalist, but not lacking in eye candy. It is very easy on the eyes, but I really haven’t developed a liking to it. But a lot of other people have, and they like it, for one reason or another. That is why, this news that MIUI 7 can be installed on non-Xiaomi phones should be good news for some.

Collect characters and conquer the other side in “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes”

Fans of Star Wars cannot wait for the new movie yet to be released in December. That's less than four months of waiting but while anticipating for that one, you may want to add this new game from EA Mobile to the list of cool things to look forward to. Sorry but this announcement may frustrate you further but remember that good things come to those who wait. This and the movie? Just wait patiently and I guarantee that you'll have a rocking Christmas.

Zoe app now to be hosted locally, will remain for HTC devices only

When HTC opened up their Zoe video creation app to Android users who were not rocking HTC devices, some Android users were pretty excited because of the collaborative nature of the app. It allowed your friends to add media to your video and to even remix other videos. But they weren’t probably prepared for the number of people who would be using their app, leading to crashes, performance issues, and user dissatisfaction. Now they’re updating the app, but it brings a good news, bad news situation.

GoPro app updated, now has smart trimming capabilities

The GoPro app, used with the ubiquitous GoPro brand of action mobile cameras, has a new trick up its sleeve via a new update. The update of the app comes with a new trimming feature which you can use with videos coming from all WiFi enabled GoPro cameras. Let’s look at what this new feature can do.

More LG Nexus 5 rumors surface, phone might use Snapdragon 808, 2700mAh batt

LG is working on another Nexus. Yep, there's a new one that's expected to roll out this year together with the Huawei Nexus. If the rumors are true, this is the first time that Google is releasing a duo not just from one company but from two under the Nexus brand. The latest information we've got is from a source saying that the LG Nexus will have a 5.2-inch screen and will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor.

Sling TV now available on selected Amazon Fire tablets

Video on demand streaming service Sling TV is continuing its Android invasion with the addition of several Amazon Fire tablets to their supported devices. You can now watch your streaming video on Amazon Fire HD and HDX tablets, just like the previous Amazon devices added like the Fire TV and Fire TV stick. New Sling TV customers who have the supported tablets will also get a 14-day free trial to see if they will enjoy having various blockbuster channels and shows on their tablets.

Users angered by Cheetah Mobile’s purchase of QuickPic

Developers know by now that they should beware of the wrath of the annoyed Android users, as they can easily make or break you with their Google Play comments. If they like you, they really really like you, as popular photo gallery app QuickPic understands since they’ve been the darling of apps in their product line. But if they hate a certain developer, and it’s a hate that isn’t unfounded, then they will really hate you, as QuickPic quickly found out when they were sold to one of the most unpopular and widely hated developers out there.

Sound Step Lightning 2 Bluetooth Speaker fills your life with music [DEALS]

If you're in the mood for some wireless listening experience but the basic Bluetooth speakers aren't just doing it for you, then Soundfreq might just have the right offer. The Sound Step Lightning 2 Bluetooth Speaker is no ordinary Bluetooth sound accessory. The hi-fi speaker features its own subwoofer you'd only find in more complex, heavier, and more expensive setups. All while keeping not only the size and weight but, thanks to the Android Community Deal special offer, even the price down.
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