Comcast’s Xfinity Share streaming app now available for all Xfinity users

Live streaming now is not just about binge-watching on Netflix or Hulu. With the advent of such apps like Periscope and Meerkat, Facebook’s foray into Live sessions for celebrities, and even gamers streaming their gameplay, users want the ability to share their most important moments with people who matter, and they want to do it live. Comcast a few months ago launched their own live streaming service to limited users, but now, all Xfinity subscribers will be able to use the service and app as well.

Harbringer is the newest one in the Battlestation game series

If you enjoy playing the Battlestation game series, whether on your PC or on your mobile devices, then you will probably want to download the latest one from the developers. Battle station: Harbinger brings more of the same adventure, this time in a real-time space strategy game. Your mission now is to stop just reaching for the stars and instead be in the midst of an actual space opera on your Android device.

Lead your football team to glory in Championship Manager: All Stars 

Now that European football season has already begun, you will spend many weekends with your blood pressure rising because the manager of the team you’re supporting makes seemingly idiotic decisions. Games like Football Manager, where you actually get to manage a virtual football team, has helped fans understand the intricacies and given them the chance to actually affect the changes they want to make, even if it’s just make-believe. A new version called Championship Manager: All Stars is now available for you to practice more.

WWE SuperCard Season 2: more superstars and features

Back in the day, before there were computers or smartphones, kids (and even some adults) collected and played with trading cards of their favorite athletes or celebrities. The concept still hasn’t gone away and has just evolved into the digital landscape. The WWE SuperCard card trading game was one of the most popular wrestling-related apps and it’s now back for a “second season” with more wrestling superstars and newer features to make card-battling even more fun.

Trekz Bone Conduction Headphones: no compromise on safety and sound

Bone Conduction sounds like a painful procedure that you undergo to fix something in your ear, but it is actually "a natural part of the hearing process” and lets you listen to music even without the headphone or earphone actually being in your ear. The Trekz Headphones, now raising funds on IndieGoGo uses this process to give you a safe way to listen to your music, with the promise to not sacrifice the sound quality (unless you’re listening to really bad music).

Yamaha announces their first MusicCast multi-room audio system 

Multi-room systems are becoming the in thing for the audio enthusiasts as you want to have access to your music wherever you are in the house. Yamaha is another brand that wants to get in the game. Their first foray into this product line is called MusicCast system that can integrate more than 20 products from the company like sound bars, monitors, speakers, and receivers. It also supports streaming from devices through WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, and also for various formats.

Samsung offers free test drive for iPhone users thinking of switching

The lines in the Android vs iOS battle (with some Windows fans demanding to be let in as well) have always been clearly drawn. It is rare to find people who can say, “Yeah, I like both and can easily work with either”. It’s either you’re an Apple fanboy or an Apple hater who thinks Android is the best thing since sliced bread. But of course the other side would always want to draw some over to their side. Samsung is now offering a 1-month almost free test drive for their new products for iPhone users for just $1.

Auris bluMe streams music to your old school speakers

Do you have old school speakers and classic audio equipment at home that have been gathering dust? Even though they probably still sound awesome, analog music sources are very few and far between so they have become practically useless. But a new Kickstarter project called Auris bluMe wants to bring back these equipment to life by giving them wireless streaming power. It aims to bring together the superior quality of these speakers with the modern convenience of Bluetooth.

Grad student analyzed Android Lock Patterns, presented predictability

Even if mobile security is improved and is actually better now compared to the last decade, password leaks and privacy issues will always be a problem. It might take us days to feature the biggest leaks to date but we're not gonna do that. What we promise to do is tell you how to safely manage passwords or at least teach you how to be safe from ruining your lives from prying eyes.

Solid-state electrolytes could improve battery technology

Let's talk batteries. You know those parts of gadgets and electronics that give them power or electricity are always important. You can have all those premium specs on a device but without any reliable battery, it's good as nothing. Today, the bigger the battery is inside a phone, it usually means better or longer battery life. There's also the issue that phone batteries must be removable so they can easily be replaced.