Alcatel Viper smartphone tipped for arrival with AT&T

Details coming from a recently discovered FCC filing point towards the possibility of AT&T releasing an Alcatel branded smartphone. The handset is sporting a codename of Viper along with a series of mid-level specs. Neither AT&T or Alcatel have made an announcement just yet, however the FCC filing does list the handset as having support for the carriers network.

Alcatel One Touch Idol S and Idol Mini quietly unveiled

Alcatel has unveiled two additional smartphones. These latest models include the One Touch Idol S and Idol Mini and both have quietly appeared on the Alcatel website. That said, Alcatel has shared some images and detailed the specs, however there isn't anything in terms of when and where we can expect these models to be available.

Alcatel One Touch Scribe Pro spotted in leaked photo

Alcatel might ring a bell for some but it's not a name one would immediately associate with Android smartphones in the US. Still, it has managed to make its presence known this year with a few of its smartphones from its One Touch line. It seems that the company is getting ready to unveil yet another device that takes on a note-taking flavor.

Alcatel One Touch Idol pre-orders arrive for the US market

Alcatel has announced the US availability of the One Touch Idol smartphone. For now the handset is only available for pre-order, however those shipments will begin soon enough. According to details coming from Alcatel, the One Touch Idol pre-orders will begin shipping on June 15th. The handset is selling unlocked (contract-free) and is available for $299.99 by way of the Alcatel website.

ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Idol lands featured role in Iron Man 3

Product placement is nothing new, however at the same time we don't always see press release announcements, contests and promotional offers built up around it. Enter Alcatel, who have recently announced that the One Touch Idol smartphone is going to be featured in Marvel's upcoming Iron Man 3 movie. For those curious about the movie, you can expect it to be in theaters as of May 3.

Alcatel unveils the One Touch Idol X smartphone with 5-inch 1080p display

Alcatel has announced the One Touch Idol X smartphone during Mobile World Congress. This handset has been announced with a decent display, however there are still some missing details. For example, Alcatel has yet to say exactly where the One Touch Idol X will be available. As for that display though, that is an edge-to-edge 1080p display that will measure in at 5-inches.

Alcatel One Touch Star smartphone unveiled with entry level specs

It looks like Alcatel has unveiled a new smartphone ahead of Mobile World Congress. The handset is the One Touch Star and judging from the spec sheet, it looks like it will be arriving with a relatively low price point. The catch here, while Alcatel has unveiled the handset and even posted some official details, we have yet to learn when it will be available or how much it will be selling for.

Alcatel One Touch Evo 7 tablet stops by for a visit with the FCC

Alcatel unveiled the One Touch Evo 7, along with the Evo 7 HD during CES and it looks like the former has made an appearance with the FCC. This filing does give the appearance that a release date is coming, however so far -- Alcatel has yet to offer anything specific. That being said, we had been told the specs for the One Touch Evo 7 during the CES unveiling and this filing does not offer any surprises.
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