New LG V10 smartphone coming soon from top US mobile carriers

LG wowed us yesterday with a new smartphone. We were expecting either a G4 Note or a G4 Pro but the company announced the V10. As the first of the V Series phones, this V10 is one durable unit made of high-grade stainless steel material and covered by silicone. Our hands-on feature made us realize that it's a great smartphone for busy travelers. The second screen, an inset display, allows more productivity to the device.

AT&T adjusts unlimited data throttling to 22GB

In a move that surprised people but we’re sure delighted a lot of people, at least those subscribed to the network, AT&T announced that they are changing their data throttling policies. So instead of being throttled when you reach 5GB, you can now enjoy 22GB of data for a 30-day period before AT&T starts the data throttling. But the throttling will only be experienced when you’re in a heavily populated area or during peak hours of the day.

Best Buy to have AT&T and Verizon mini shops in store

Best Buy is changing. That's still good news because instead of folding up or going all digital and online, Best Buy has started to "rent out" floor space to the likes of Samsung and Apple. Two more brands will have prominent space in Best Buy stores--AT&T and Verizon. The two mobile carriers will finally have their own small stores inside Best Buy.

Verizon adds XXL plan for users who need more than 12GB of data

A few years back, carriers that had 5GB of data plan were already considered too expensive by some users and that the data they have is more than enough. Fast forward to now, and having 5GB of data is considered too low and a throwback. Taking on the challenge thrown by AT&T last August with their new data plans, Verizon has now announced they are adding the XXL plan to their existing plans, giving heavy data users more options.

ZTE, AT&T partner to release Mobley vehicle WiFi hotspot

Thanks to mobile carriers for bringing WiFi and expanding 4G/LTE network coverage in most locations in the US but for those who are always on the road, literally spending a lot of time inside vehicles, here's ZTE Mobley. It's the first ever plug-in vehicle WiFi hotspot from AT&T that allows a maximum of five mobile devices to connect for Internet access.

New Mobile Share Value Plans announced by AT&T

Over the weekend, AT&T announced new Mobile Share Value Plans for loyal and new customers. More value for money are offered by these new plans. For example, the old 10GB plan now gives you 15GB worth of data for the same price. Those with 15GB will now get more data, as well as, unlimited talk and text to Canada and Mexico as an added feature to AT&T's bestselling plan.

AT&T starts to rollout security patch against Stagefright malware

People’s complaints that Google is so slow in sending out security patches to counteract the Stagefright malware that is giving us all a fright is about to come to an end, or so we hope. They have sent out the “cure” to OEMs, carriers, and partners, and so now the ball is in their court. AT&T has started sending out the updates to their subscribers, but for only, it’s only for a few Samsung smartphones, predictably the newer models.

AT&T and DirecTV bundle now available for $200

You’ve seen the articles and the predictions saying that TV is dead or slowly dying. Well, they said the same thing about print but newspapers are still here, so let’s take those statements with a grain of salt. But what is true is that the way people consume tv shows has been changing, giving rise to VOD services like Netflix, and direct broadcast providers like DirecTV. Now, the US’ second largest carrier AT&T, which acquired the latter just last month, is offering the country’s first wireless and television service bundle.
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