5 megapixel camera

OmniVision Launches Out to Get Rid of Camera Humps With 5 mm Camera

Phones and tablets are getting so thin these days we've seen several phones that have needed dedicated camera humps in their design, such as the Droid X, or the G2x. Someone over in OmniVision, a digital imaging company based in California, must not be a fan of that extra width. Today they've announced a brand new camera that is cutting the height of the current leader by 20%

Motorola Milestone Coming to Cellular South

Cellular South has officially announced that the Milestone will be available soon. A little over a month ago they placed a promotion on their site with an unknown Android handset under a veil. Now that veil has been lifted to reveal the Motorola Milestone.

Acer “Liquid Stream” S110 Passes by the FCC

This device popped up out of nowhere at last week’s Google I/O. it is called the "Liquid Stream” by Acer. And it will be the next release in the “Liquid” series from Acer.  Recently, it received approval from the FCC with AT&T capable bands (850 1900 MHZ).

Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S Can Be Yours on June 10th

If you stay in the UK or any neighboring country that this will ship to, you need to be all over this. Play.com now has the Samsung Galaxy S for sale, this device will cost you £449 and will be in your hands on June 10th or sometime around then. And there will be no extra charge for shipping.