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Android Gaming Platform design at Yanko

Over at Yanko, there's a cool design for an Android gaming platform that could go head to head with Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play. The concept, which is being touted as the Samsung HD3 Console, would employ a 3D galaxy interface with an HD AMOLED multi-touch screen, have Dolby mobile stereo speakers, two analog sticks and a built-in microphone for chat. It also looks to stream live TV via 4G or WiFi, 250GB of internal memory and sport an insane 8MP front camera and 12MP rear shutter. And of course, it would run Android, presumably Gingerbread or above.

Best Buy Smartphone “buy back” program details emerge

Details have emerged in the Buy Back program that Best Buy previewed on a commercial ad during the Super Bowl. For a limited time (this week only) the buy back program will be free with a supporting electronic purchase and then after which, there will be a $100 optional buy-in to become part of the program.  The program gives customers the right to trade in their old smartphones and get up to fifty percent off.

Consumer Reports Cautious on Verizon iPhone 4 – Good News for Android?

There's a Consumer Reports article out today that suggests all would-be Verizon iPhone 4 customers should hold off on purchasing one - unless of course they want a "short-lived" device, that is. Consumer Reports goes on to note that iPhone 4 is beginning to "show its age" and will be replaced by mid-2011 by a newer model. What's this mean for Android? We can't be sure, especially since this same magazine warned consumers not to buy the original ATT iPhone 4 because of it's infamous antenna issue.

Android Outsells iPhone in Q1

For the first time since Android was released, it finally sold more phones than the iPhone. NPD Group is reporting that Android is the number two selling platform behind Blackberry in the US. Blackberries account for 36% of the market share, Android has 28% while the iPhone brings up the rear with 21%.