3rd Party Applications

Jeffrey Sharkey gives us OilCan before starting at Google

Jeffrey Sharkey is at it again, this time pumping out his OilCan before he hops over to Google. For those of you who do not know who Jeffery is, he is one of the developers behind CompareEverywhere. OilCan is basically “Greasemonkey on steroids” but for the Android platform. You can use OilCan to customize any website by inserting JavaScript to change the website. Examples of what OilCan can do include, making a JavaScript call to scan a barcode, pick a contact, or launch into Maps or other Android apps. Say you would like to get rid of extra margins and columns on a website, just run a script with OilCan and you can give the page more real estate. There are thousands of Greasemonkey scripts out there for users who would like to tweak their Android experience. There is even a script that allows you to long-press an application to uninstall it rather than going through all the needed steps. For more information there is an OilCan site for more information about the Userscript format and security model. You can download this tool by clicking on this link from your G1's browser. Congratulations to Jeffery Sharkey on landing his sweet new job! [Via JSharkey]

My Maps Editor by Google puts your custom maps in your pocket

My Maps Editor by Google has just been released into the Android Market and not a moment too soon. With this applications users can create, edit, share, and view personalized maps on your Android-powered handset and synchronize them with the My Maps tab on Google Maps. You can take your desktop maps with you when your on the go and update them every step of the way. With this app you get the full functionality for markers, lines, and shapes on maps. If you wish you can also post geo-tagged photos directly from your phone. No need to upload any changes you have made to your maps, they are synchronized automatically. You can make good use of having your maps at your side by planning trips, bike rides or even keep track of your road trips. Head over to the Android Market and download this application, then tell us what you use it for.

Please welcome Loopt to the Android Market

The very popular social networking application, Loopt has officially made its way to the Android Market. This is one application that we have been waiting for since the launch on the T-Mobile G1. Now you can spy on all of your friend and see where they are and what they are up to without having to ask. Loopt allows you to keep track of your friends, where they are and what they are doing. You can share you location between carriers with Loopt users on AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Boost, MetroPCS and T-Mobile. Loopt is available on over 100 handsets including the iPhone and BlackBerry so all your friends can stay connected.
“From the start, our goal has been to build a ubiquitous interoperable network in which customers don’t have to worry about who has what provider or mobile device,” said Sam Altman, co-founder and CEO of Loopt. “
Loopt for Android will offer all of the current core features you would expect to find in other versions, including background location updating which enables users to receive alerts when a friend is nearby. You can also view your friend’s location in satellite view or map mode as well as monitor traffic delays. Loopt also allows you to share you information with social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter or personal blogs and Web sites.

Data Viz brings office solution to Android in 2009

Data Viz has announced that they are going to be developing Documents To Go and RoadSync for Android in 2009. DataViz is a long time provider of mobile software applications that enable document access and mobile email. After spending over 10 years developing marketing solutions for Palm OS, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Java, Linux and BlackBerry, Data Viz has taken on the challenge of the growing Google Android market.  Documents To Go mobile office suite allows users to view, edit and create Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. Users can also view PDF files with Documents To Go. RoadSync syncs with Outlook email, calendar, contacts and tasks using the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol. There are still no details as to what features the Android version will have, but if you would like to be the first to know you may subscribe to the newsletter at www.dataviz.com/android.

T-Mobile makes official comment on international roaming issue

Just the other day we reported that a user was charged a ridiculous amount of money for data roaming when his data was turned off, even after being assured that he would be ok. It appears that this has caught T-Mobile’s attention and they have come fourth with an official response. The option to turn off data should work fine, but that’s not always the case as any third party application can then override this basic phone feature whenever it chooses. This then brings us back to the initial problem of not being able to kill background processes on the T-Mobile G1. From the horse's mouth: "Some third-party applications available for download on Android Market require access to the internet and have the ability to turn on data roaming when in use. Customers are informed whether an application will use this feature prior to downloading, but should also be aware when traveling outside the country."
Official T-Mobile statement: T-Mobile is committed to delivering the best experience in wireless to our customers. If a T-Mobile customer would like to use their T-Mobile G1 while outside the country, they should contact Customer Care before they leave to ask that the WorldClass feature be added to their service at no additional charge. If they choose, customers can also disable data roaming on the G1. This can be done by going through the following steps: Home Screen > Menu > Settings > Wireless Controls > Mobile Networks > Data Roaming. Some third party applications available for download on Android Market require access to the Internet and have the ability to turn on data roaming when in use. Customers are informed whether an application will use this feature prior to downloading, but should also be aware when traveling outside the country. [Via EngadgetMobile]

ShopSavvy reportedly does not work with unlocked handsets

We just found out that users who unlock their G1 will not be able to use the ShopSavvy application on their Android-powered handset. For the time being ShopSavvy is only available if you have a SIM card for a country that they currently support (US, UK, Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Holland, Japan and China). This issue was first reported when A Phoenix user phoned ShopSavvy developers, Big In Japan, reporting that the application was not in the Android market.  Turns out the user did not have a compatible SIM card in their G1; this creates a problem with the application being “internalized” for each market. By not having a SIM card your location cannot be found resulting in the application not showing up. Developers say that if more users go the unlocked route they may adapt accordingly to fit the overall needs of customers, but until then users with an unlocked G1 are simply out of look.

Get more Exchange capabilities with TouchDown

NitroDesk has released another solution to syncing your contacts with your Android-powered handset. This method is entirely within the application itself, no need for any PC client. TouchDown securely connects to corporate exchange systems to provide users with instant access to contacts, email and calendar information. TouchDown not only provides users with a great way to fetch their information, but also allows users to check for new email and events periodically. TouchDown is designed to keep Exchange and Google information separated. "While the information is separately maintained, we do not rule out the possibility of features in the future that enable synchronization or at least selective movement between the stores", claims NitroDesk. Users can now download TouchDown from the NitroDesk website. NitroDesk plans to have their application on Handango.com. Initially users will be able to download the free trial with all of the features enabled. Licenses can then be purchased wherever the application was downloaded from for $29.99. There is no word yet on whether we will be seeing TouchDown in the Android Market. [Via PRWeb]

Phoload offers more places to download games and applications for Android

With an open source platform such as Android, there are going to be other sources for application downloads. One site that has started offering downloads for Android rather quickly is Phoload. Free games anyone? Phoload who has offered plenty of games and applications for many different platforms and handsets in the past, is now expanding their reach to the Android platform.  T-Mobile G1 users may now navigate to the site and download applications directly through the browser and save them to your handset.  Users can also rate, view and even recommend any software that they download. When you access the site through your mobile browser, it will automatically detect your device and filter the applications accordingly.  Eventually there will be so many different locations to download applications from that it will get very confusing. We hope one day to get an application that will organize all of the sources in one convenient downloader such as the Installer app for the iPhone.

Pixelpipe helps get your pictures into the world

Pixelpipe has come to the rescue with an easy way to get photos off of your Android and out into the world. You can now upload photos to your favorite social network, micro-blog, photo/video and blog services then with Pixelpipe. There are many photo and video service that are supported including, Flickr, Picasa, YouTube, Photobucket, Nokia Ovi, Phanfare, Smugmug, vimeo, ImageShack, pikeo, webshots, kyte, FotoTime, Zooomr, Fotki, 23hq, 72 photos, ipernity, Viddler, Shutterfly, photobox, Kodak Gallery, Windows Live, Mobypicture & Gallery Menalto. As you can tell there is already plenty of support behind Pixelpipe with more to come. Pixelpipe Features include:
  • Upload once and we’ll take care of the distribution, no need to send to each destination individually
  • Ability to add and configure destinations from the Phone or online at Pixelpipe.com
  • Complimentary desktop applications available for OS X, Windows and Linux
  • Background uploading!
  • Integration with the “Share” menu in other application
  • Preservation of geotags when available

Tap Tap Revenge may make its way to Android Market if demand is high enough

It appears that Tapulous, the developers of ever so popular iPhone applications such as Tap Tap Revenge, Twinkle, Fortune and now Collage, are eyeballing the Android platform for a port of Tap Tap Revenge. A developer has commented saying, “if there is a lot of demand for it, you never know…” Sounds like it is all in the hands of Android users at this point. Tap Tap Revenge is the iPhone equivalent to Guitar Hero. With the same basic concept, this application puts your rhythm skills to the test in all new ways. Tap your way through the basic beat of a song or shake left and right as the arrows fall. Right now Tap Tap Revenge is free for the iPhone with more than 40 free songs. Tapulous has even released a Nine Inch Nails version of the popular game for NIN fans. Best of all they offer Tap Tap Thursdays where every week they feature a free new exclusive track from top artist.  If that wasn’t enough they also offer weekend contests and giveaway prizes that range from iTunes giftcards to backstage passes to meet your favorite rock stars. Tap Tap Revenge has been on my iPhone since day one, now I want to see it on my G1! How many of you would also like to see Tap Tap Revenge in the Android Market? [Via Android Community]
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