The 5 Best (and Worst) Android Devices of 2011

Ah, New Year's Day. A time for reflection and resolution, and in many cases, staying up too late in the company of good friends and large amounts of alcohol. Here at Android Community, we like to ring in the new year sitting quietly in wingback chair, staring contemplatively into a roaring fire and guzzling a $5 gallon of brandy while watching the Times Square ball drop on our Android tablets. Before we start getting the old DT's, we'll wrap up the best - and worst - devices of 2011.

Android Community Yearly Wrap-Up: 2011

This past year we've seen the Android OS grow to unimaginable heights and it has helped reassure its adopters time after time they are in good hands. Through the countless devices we've handled and reviewed, the devices and merchandise given away, and events we've attended - 2011 been one of our best year's! Though indiscrete after a while, one of our biggest changes was our AC logo. It proved to be a much welcome change to the entire community. Also, this is the first year of Device.AC - our Android Community device database. Its got the specific specs of the latest and greatest to earliest and iconic Android devices. The release of Google+ and Google Music were quite significant as well. They have brought us closer to acquaintances of all kinds - whether it be friends or co-workers.

BenQ Announces Android-based R100 Tablet

BenQ announced this week that it too would get involved in the world of Android-based tablets come 2011. They will will enter the market with the R100 tablet, the device will be a 10-inch tablet that will hopefully ship with Android when it's released.

HTC Incredible HD AKA HTC Mecha Pictured?

A leaked shot of the bezel of an upcoming HTC device, along with another of the back camera with dual-LED flash, has just been tipped to SlashGear. It has been suggested that this is indeed the HTC Incredible HD (HTC Mecha) which means that it will be an upcoming Android-based 4G LTE device.

LG Star Unofficially Previewed

The LG Star is shaping up to be one of the most impressive devices of early 2011. Although, LG isn't exactly known for their powerful devices, especially Android-based, the LG Star will hopefully mark their venture into the powerful smartphone marker. One of the test units has found its way into the hands of the Engadget staff and they gave us all a quick preview of the device.

No Verizon LTE Phones this year, most manufactures ready for 2011 launches

In some disappointing news hitting the net this morning, it seems Verizon will not be launching any 4G LTE handsets this year to utilize their upcoming network. We have heard multiple rumors about the upcoming Olympus from Motorola, Incredible HD from HTC, and Elite from Samsung hitting shelves sometime this year or early next year, but it seems that only the latter will be true as no 4G devices will be made available this year.

AT&T 4G LTE network expected to launch by Mid-2011

4G networks are the new craze among mobile device enthusiasts. Offering lightning fast speeds, they are clearly the next frontier in the mobile market. While other carriers have their own 4G networks, AT&T is going to be joining them in 2011 with an expected potential of reaching 70-75 million people by the end of 2011.

Motorola Android Powered Tablet coming early 2011?

Yesterday, during the Deutsche Bank Technology conference, Sanjay Jha - Motorola’s co-CEO, stated that he hopes Motorola can develop a compelling Android tablet by early 2011. He has recently been counting on Android running smartphones to help the company’s declining profits and expects the OS to be their main ticket out of trouble.