O2’s Galaxy S being treated to Froyo November 15th

It looks as if the O2 version of the Samsung Galaxy S will finally be receiving Android 2.2 this month. In a newsletter leak to AndroidCentral we see that it will be receiving it on the 15th of this month, followed by the Sony Ericsson X10 line getting Android 2.1.

10 reasons why Android 2.2 Falls short of iOS 4

The Apple Vs. Google debate has been a major one since Android's announcement. And while each has it's own advantages, Android is usually seen as the "better" option because of it's openness and ability to be highly customized. Well the people at eWeek think that Android 2.2 is far behind iOS 4, and gives us ten reasons why.

Motorola Update Timeline Updated

Motorola has always been open with their plans on software updates for their devices. While they are not always right, many times their software releases been delayed once or even a few times but they always let us know. Continuing in the openness pattern Motorola has posted their updated Software Upgrade News chart.

Froyo officially coming to the Dell Streak soon, 2.1 Update halted

The Dell streak only recently got it’s own 2.1 build and now Dell has announced that it will be skipping 2.1 in the United States to focus solely on 2.2 Froyo. While this does mean that Streak users will be missing out on 2.1 features over it’s currently equipped 1.6, the direct update to 2.2 will be highly worth the few days/weeks without Eclair. We have heard that 2.2 on the Streak will be available before years end, but with halting 2.1 preparation we can expect that we will see it even earlier than expected. With Gingerbread coming up quickly device manufacturers will have to push out update quickly before they get too far behind. Official Announcement Via Dell "Hi Folks, Due to resources and commitments to get our global customers the 2.2/Froyo update by the end of the year, we will not be publishing another version of 2.1 nor will we be pushing out 2.1 to additional customers. I know many of you have requested that we publish specific dates for Android OS updates; however, because there are so many variables (some outside of our control), we cannot make a specific commitment other than we will be publishing 2.2 by the end of this year to all of our Dell Streak customers. I can tell you that our target date is NOT December 31st. In fact, the over-the-air update to 2.2 is target date is much sooner than that. Please stay tuned here to the Mobile Devices Forum board announcements or follow @DellCares on Twitter for more information. Thanks again for your feedback, Amy" [Via Dell Support Forums]

Froyo Source Code Released for the Galaxy S

We knew it was coming, we just didn’t know when. Samsung has officially released the source code for the 2.2 Android update for Galaxy S devices. However, it’s not all good news to all Galaxy S devices, if you are on a carrier branded version of the phone you will have to wait even longer for the official option.

Froyo coming to MyTouch 3G Tomorrow

Users of the myTouch 3G have been long awaiting the arrival of Froyo on their device. It looks like all of their patience will pay off tomorrow as the 2.2 Update will start being pushed over the air.

Samsung UK still working on Froyo, Updates to come

A week after this last update, which said the same thing, we are informed again that Froyo will be coming soon. Originally set to launch at the end of September the 2.2 update has been pushed back even further. Other than that details are scarce, however, we do know that the update will not be over-the-air and, when released, will be available via Samsung Kies.
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