1Password update: custom keyboard, auto-fills, TOTPs

1Password has been a heaven sent app for those who are either too forgetful to remember their digital passwords (or any password for that matter) or too paranoid that you need to change your passwords every week (as maybe we should). The latest update to their Android app, version 4.2, brings even more features, including a custom keyboard that you can use as your default or as a back-up, auto-fill for the times when you're just too lazy to fill up forms from scratch. It even gives you a time-based, one-time password for sites that have a two-step verification process.

Chrome demo includes debut of password generator

If you’re the type who keeps Chrome to the newest experimental build of the browser then you’re in for a nice surprise if you check out the latest version. Included in the build is a password generator that should give third party software like LastPass and 1Password a run for its money.

1Password for Android update: freemium model, new features

Now that the official free trial period for 1Password for Android is over, it’s now time for the password manager to unveil version 4.1. It has now rolled-out the new features that they announced a few weeks ago, plus a freemium model that lets you use the app for free for a limited number of features. They’re also offering a sale price for the Android app, since most of its other platforms are on sale as well.