As we were expecting to happen, T-Mobile has officially begun offering their new “UNcarrier” based plans. Basically, these new plans offer unlimited talk, text and data from $50 per month. While the plans are now live on the T-Mobile website, we expect to learn a bit more on March 26 during the press event in New York.

What we can tell you now is that these plans are available from the T-Mobile website and they are open for individual and family plans. The individual plan is for a single line and the family plans jump in from 2 up to 5 lines. The individual plan pricing starts at $50 per month for unlimited talk, text and data. The $50 price level also includes 500MB of high-speed data.

Those looking for more high-speed data can get 2GB for $60 per month or unlimited for $70 per month. These plans are contract-free and offer the basics such as unlimited T-Mobile to T-Mobile calling and unlimited nights and weekends. Otherwise, the $50 and $60 per month plans also include mobile hotspot for tethering. The $70 per month plan also has hotspot, but is noted as being limited to 500MB per month.

Shifting over to the family plans and we see pricing from $80 per month for two lines up to $110 per month for 5 lines. Aside from the extra lines, the family plans are structured the same as the individual. That is to say they are contract-free and all include unlimited talk, text and data with options to get 500MB, 2GB or unlimited high-speed data.

[via T-Mobile]

  • Richard Yarrell

    One thing is for sure people will find out exactly how successful this will be very soon. I applaud tmobile for this new direction and all the big things that will accomplished in 2013. That thud you here are the people running from those overpriced and overrated carriers Verizon and At@t and coming to Tmobile. I KICKED both Verizon and At@t to the curb in June 2012 and haven’t looked back since.

  • You need to rewrite that – “Basically, these new plans offer unlimited talk, text and data from $50 per month” isn’t true- it is NOT unlimited DATA

    • Hush

      Actually, it IS correct. It’s unlimited, but they throttle you down to 2g speeds after your paid data allotment. So…no overages… but no speed if you use it all. I suppose the word “unlimited” doesn’t tell the full story, though.

      • lolo

        It is truly unlimted data with the unlimited data plan, so for $70 you get unlimited everything, no data throttles, no caps, no nothing, it’s just straight up unlimited at 4 g speeds. You can do 50gb a month and it won’t be slowed.

      • Hmm…are you sure there are no “TOS” BS where they can throttle you for using 100GB of data in a month? There are ways to tether without T-Mobile knowing about it, so if people started using a lot of data, would T-Mobile really be ok with it?

  • JohnnyL53

    These new plans will end up costing me. Under the old setup I could bring my own phones and 2 lines with 1000 minutes talk, unlimited text, and 2 gigs high speed data would be about $89. Now under the new plans, I can get unlimited talk, which I don’t need as two of us never go over 600 minutes per month, 2.5 gigs for $100. An $11 per month increase which is actually more when you figure the taxes are a percentage.I don;t see the benefit to me.