T-Mobile’s Simple Choice Family plan has 10GB data offer

July 29, 2014

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T-Mobile CEO John Legere really doesn’t pull any punches when calling out his competitors’ claims to offer the “Best Ever Pricing” when it comes to offering family plans to their consumers. What he is boasting about though is that his company is the only one among the carriers that can really back up this claim, particularly with their new Simple Choice program that gives four lines 10GB worth of data connection on an LTE network.

Based on a comparative table they posted on the T-Mobile blog, the normal monthly charges for a normal family plan for four mobile phones is $160. But the Simple Choice plan is just at $100 a month, which means each family member gets 2.5GB on LTE, which is apparently the average size of data that average people consume on a monthly basis. But aside from that, the plan also offers unlimited texts, calls and data (non-LTE of course), as well as tethering to use your phone’s fast connection on your desktop or other gadgets.

If international charges are your concern, the Simple Choice plan also has unlimited text and data in more than 120 countries, and there is no additional charges for this. Music streaming services are also part of the bundle, including T-Mobile’s own UnRadio, an Internet music service created in cooperation with Rhapsody with over 20 million songs on its database.


The Simple Choice bundle is available for new sign-ups to T-Mobile starting July 30 and will be open to sign-ups until the end of September. With your $60 savings, as compared to the other carriers’ plans, this seems like a deal that is good to pass up. Think also of all the apps and games you can buy on that saved amount!

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SOURCE: T-Mobile

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  • GregSki86

    Until T-Mobile’s 4G network is not sh*t in my area, there is no way I could imagine leaving Verizon (also because I still have an unlimited data plan).

    • Jmgordon

      Yea well Verizon is about to start throttling you after like 4.5 GBs

      • GregSki86

        True but there will come a time when one of the carrier’s will bend and allow for unlimited data again with no throttling. I commend T-Mobile for the shear fact that they keep forcing Verizon and AT&T to make their prices more reasonable, honestly if Sprint’s service wasn’t so sh*tty in my area I would just switch to them

  • me

    Could ANYone who references the “Verizon More Everything” plan, please also always note that that $160/month on Verizon is only good if you put all 4 phones on their “Edge” replacement plan… so, basically, add another $100/month for 4 lines with smartphone on edge… it’s $260 with no edge, and $260 with edge for 4 lines… no way to get $160 without paying them monthly for phones as well… If someone reads their info differently, please speak up…

  • Nicholas Deuel

    @me That is incorrect. The data package for verizon is $160 bucks for 10 GB of data. It doesnt include line access fees or device costs, but neither does the other plans. If you are getting a phone through T-mobile then 100 bucks for 10 gb isnt accurate either