Hey G2x users, if you thought LG and T-Mobile forgot about you we have some potentially good news. It appears they have prepped an update and it’s rolling out now for your Tegra 2 dual-core powered G2x smartphone. No, this isn’t Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but an update is an update right? Read on below for more details and download instructions.

Now we said potentially good news because the update is a very very minor one, and only addresses a few small bugs. They’ve not added anything or made any major changes, and this isn’t ICS like we mentioned above. We see no reason the G2x shouldn’t get updated, but then the same could be said about the G-Slate still on 3.1 Honeycomb. Hopefully T-Mobile plans to upgrade this powerful phone to the latest and greatest, but we can’t be sure because last we heard it wouldn’t see the update.

For those interested in the update. It brings the G2x to Android 2.3.4 and is still for the most part vanilla Android. It looks like you’ll be getting some improved battery life, slightly faster overall device performance, and a more accurate 3G/4G signal reading with the update. It is available now over the air or you can use the LG mobile update tool from the via link provided below.

[device id=398]

[via LG Support]

  • omg… really?  i upgraded to ics months ago! been trying different flavors of cm9..  seriously LG? xda beat you to this back in january! love the phone but get real…. btw, ics is gorgeous on this phone… if you have it, dont wait for tmo or lg to do you any favors, root and mod! the only way to fly…

    •  .. and you have no rom issues with wifi, gps, radio, or screen ui?  unfortunately, in an uncontrolled development environment where alpha is released and consumers with an unknown skillset are encouraged to dabble in hardware/software development and application on their production units (phones) needed on a daily basis to be functional and reliable, it’s unwise, imprudent, and totally against the ‘engineer’s code of conduct’ to urge such recklessness because of the many unintended consequences that such a person who encourages it does not have to be responsible for causing.  it’s why software companies have engineers, developers, QA, tech support/product support, and two different environments  – development and production – to maintain reliability, compatibility, and stability.

      • DorisTheHeavy

        I’ve gone back and forth between two different ICS roms and my G2x is running better than it ever did on LG developed software. Any issue encountered are due to LG’s unwillingness to provide the proper drivers. You root and flash roms on your device at you own risk. Without the work of these creative and talented developers we would be stuck with a dual core piece of garbage. This community of developers is what keeps me with android instead of apple.

      • Kencanau

         Seriously? Are you from LG or something

  • Jastreaty

    According to t-mobile and LG, there is no update available.

  • There is no update this a bunch of lies

  • NOT TRUE…  I called LG and spoke with their mobile smartphone department.  The latest official version for the G2X is 2.3.3
    If there will be an update available by air or manually via the support tool, their product support department has no record of it as yet.

  • GWSchenck

    I just got the 2.3.4 update over the air !

    • Iosha811

      what do you think about the update, does it help fix the reboot bug?

  • Msaquarius77

    I got an update today! Over the air.

  • I got the update today. I’m now running 2.3.4. However, now it says I have about 10 updates to do. When i try to do them, I get an error saying there is insufficient memory on the phone. If I uninstall the app and try and reinstall it, I get the same error. 

    • Jaffadan

       Same issue, any way to fix it.

  • Bushrod

    Two months later and still no OTA update available for me. Still running 2.3.3.

    LG makes some decent products, but obviously their phones are junk.

  • dyer

    Well I received the update, long story shirt it’s a lot better! The only problem I have is with the browser, its tends to Kick me out of everthimg that I’m doing. Ill be on a page and going to new ones and going through stuff, and all of a sudden it takes me to the homescreen and everything I was looking at is gone! Does anyone else have this problem?

    • traciemcee

      Same here! Also, I no longer have flash options on my phone. =(

  • dyer

    Also with this new update, I wouldn’t really blame LG I mean the phone is beast, its just the service that sucks really bad!!