The main talk of the wireless industry is definitely 4G. With all companies trying to either get a head start or now catch up to the upcoming 4G wars next year, CES will be a huge showcase for 4G across all networks. T-Mobile is fully ready for the upcoming battle and they plan on releasing quite the array of Android powered 4G handsets and tablets.

Senior Director of Engineering, Mark McDiarmid, was speaking to the Wall Street Journal and revealed that T-Mobile will “unveil its plans for the faster network in Vegas and added that the technology will be integrated into smartphones next year.”

T-Mobile also expanded on this statement with the following:

“T-Mobile is big on Android, big on faster 4G speeds and big on 4G devices including tablets…we will continue to drive innovation on these fronts in 2011.”

So, if all goes according to plan, we will be seeing handsets and tablets running on their new HSPA+ network at up to 42Mbps.

What would you like to see at CES next year? Are you looking forward to a Honeycomb tablet, or would you rather have a 4G handset? Let us know!

[Via TmoNews]

  • michael

    anyone know if the mytouch 4g will be one of the phones to hit 42mbps on hspa+

  • Vincent Nguyen

    Keeling fingers crossed.

  • Josinei

    I have a MyTouch 4G and I a, in Oklahoma City area. I was shocked the first time I used my phone in the city. I’ve never had any phone with such speed. Just for information, I had 12 apps that needs to be updated, like skype, almost 8mg update, and all of it was done in less then 50 seconds. I thought HSPA+ was available only in NY and NJ, but here in Oklahoma City is working like sharm 🙂
    As of 12/24.