T-Mobile Sidekick 4G gets fresh batch of high-res shots

March 21, 2011

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Opinion of the new Sidekick 4G may still be split - is it a true Sidekick or just an Android pretender borrowing the much-loved brand? - but until T-Mobile pushes the handset out we'll have to sate our interest with a fresh batch of photos. Hiptop3 grabbed the new photoset, showing the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G from all angles.

Not a huge amount to learn from the new shots, bar that the Sidekick 4G doesn't look to be the slimmest of handsets. We're also still not sure about T-Mobile and Samsung's choice of keyboard layout: emoticon shortcuts but no messaging shortcut seems a little short-sighted.

Still, if you've wanted to print out a life-size Sidekick 4G and practice your papercraft, here's your chance. No word on when exactly the HSPA+ smartphone will arrive.

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  • Anonymous

    YAWN – posted these a few days ago!!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    the original link from Samsung (in my original twwet from 3/15) shows them at MUCH higher resolution than what you have here — ;-D

  • Anonymous

    Hey guys, in case you didn’t hear: This guy “ncmacasl” saw these pictures a few days ago, and has seen them so many times that he literally gets tired when he looks at them. Check out his twitter for more info!!

  • Xmeatizmurderx

    put a fricken flash on the camera!!

  • BlayzeCiddy

    They need to put the swivel back on the sidekick and to put a flash on the camera with a dedicated camera button like the mytouch and it wouldnt be a bad idea especially considering the fact that the sidekick is a phone thats meant to be held horizonally anyways

  • Officialluke

    Really not a fan of this new design! I totally agree with this phone just being an Android pretending to be the real deal that everyone loves.
    I reckon they should of kept the same style both hardware and software as the LX 2011 but just added to the features such as
    *Front facing camera
    *Video call capability

    Gutted to see the swivel screen and sidekick original menu has gone!!!!!

    BIG thumbs down!!!

  • gootch

    Oh thank christ they got rid of Danger OS, worst mobile OS ever

  • dis fone look od hot

  • dis fone look od hot

  • xp84

    Sad… The best things about the sidekick back when it was the best were the top-notch hardware quality from Sharp (not the later Motorola garbage), the swivel screen, and the unique and fast UI. I almost got a sidekick toward the end of its run, but opted for an iPhone due to there being no 3G sidekick at the time. (this was in 2008).

    A Samsung slider running Android? NOTHING about this is a Sidekick. It may be an okay phone, like any of the dime-a-dozen Samsung Android handsets. But it’s definitely In Name Only.

    • The swivel screen was the whole reason I didn’t buy a sidekick in its older incarnations – it always seemed too flimsy to me. Have you seen the UI on here? It’s basically a “next gen” version of the old sidekicks’ UI.

      • xp84

        no, i admit i haven’t had the chance to use it. Now I’ll have to try it out. I didn’t realize they’d tried to replicate or evolve the sidekick UI.

  • Who is really waiting on the new sidekick?

  • Who is really waiting on the new sidekick?

  • Who is really waiting on the sidekick 4G?

  • Who is really waiting on the sidekick 4G?

    • Me. Yes, I’m 15, and a girl. That means I’m their target audience. Guess what, their target likes them. And, yes, I will be getting an android phone of some kind in the next few months. We’ll see if I choose this one or one of my other options. But yes, I’m waiting on this to buy a new phone.

    • Alice

      I have had a Sidekick 2, a Sidekick 3 and then the Sidekick Slide and have never been disappointed with any of them. I am very excited about the upcoming release of the Sidekick 4G and hope to get it as soon as it comes out. I was shocked when I received the letter stating that the our Sidekicks would no longer work after May 31. I spoke with a TMobile sales rep and she said that our price and plan would stay the same until our tmobile contract runs out. At that point it won’t go up but about $20 because of the data plans’ differences between tmobile and att. I guess we all have to cross our fingers and keep an eye on the internet for the release date.

    • Jroberts0764

      I am definitely waiting on this phone! I almost bought the Galaxy S phone! Glad I waited!

  • Tito!

    I’m sure there will be a Messaging Shortcut of some sort. (“button”+M)
    Don’t bash my device like that. I’m going through enough pain with T-Mobile’s situation.
    [Stupid sissy German-owned Deutsche Telekom. Rene Obermann should light himself on fire.]

  • ahhhh i cnt wait for this!

  • I had the Sidekick LX 2009..but it broke when I dropped it at a Skating Place..and someone RAN OVER IT WITH THEIR SKATES (unfortunate right?)
    I plan on getting this phone..especially because it is priced $99.99..$100 LESS than the Sidekick LX 2009.
    I like the design of the phone..its not very..lets say..TRADITIONAL..but..its new..clean..FRESH. I am dissapointed though, that, it does do the flippy type thing it did before. It just slides up.
    But I cannot wait to get this phone! 😀

    • guest1114

      Where did you see that its priced $99.99????…..

    • Anonymous

      it doesn’t do the flippy thing anymore? shoot, now I guess we know the answer to that “is it a real sidekick or just a poser?” question

  • Powerskevin4

    does anyone know how much the discount is if you had a sidekick lx 2009 before?

  • Powerskevin4

    does anyone know how much the discount is if you had a sidekick lx 2009 before?

  • HMMMM..