The HTC Amaze 4G may or may not be currently blocked at US Customs, but those of you who've already got your hands on one should check for an official update now. True to their word, T-Mobile is sending out the Ice Cream Sandwich update today. You can download the software by tapping the "about phone" section of your phone and then selecting "System update". If you don't, you'll probably see a pop-up message in the next few days.

HTC has followed their pattern of updating older phones to the somewhat more tame Sense 3.6, instead of the Sense 4.0 found on the One series. (If you want an official Sense 4.0 phone, you'll have to go with the One S on T-Mobile.) You should also note that the carrier has stated that it will end its "free" tethering (or at least the unregulated use of non-approved tethering methods) once you upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich.

Of course, there's plenty of alternate ROMs out there, and we'd encourage anyone with the know how (and who doesn't mid blowing their warranty to smithereens) to try it out. Versions of pretty much all the popular community ROMs are available in either official or "kang" versions, and there are plenty of builds based on both the Amaze's standard Gingerbread and leaked Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs.

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  • Jpetz2001

    you guys need to update your device info – the phone DOES have NFC and what version of OS it has now

  • Premkkumaar

    Updates have come… It happened pretty smooth. The phone looks very good now..

  • DLinuxGuy


  • GC

    Updating it now .:)

  • Now my wifi won’t stay connected!! This is pretty annoying…

    • Does it go to airplane mode on it’s own too

  • If you use the system Calendar widget, I recommend disabling fast-boot.  For some reason fast-boot was enabled by default after I updated, and the calendar widget crashes every 10 sec.  After disabling fast-boot and restarting, the widget is happy.  That’s the only truly annoying and asinine thing I’ve found so far.

  • Guest

    I guess I’m going to wait for that pop-up since apparently I’m still up to date. It’s only a matter of time.

  • Lakisha Miller-Barclay

    Not sure if there is app related problem since my upgrade. But my phone is now officially on crack! It is restarting itself randomly. Freezing in almost every app and I have to take the battery out to restart it. Anyone else having problems?

    • Does it black out only allowing for the status bar to work

  • I have all same issues since upgrade they are telling me it I my phone and wont change my phone even after saying that if it keeps happening I could have equal or greater device

  • How long does it take to install andriod 4.0 on HTC Amaze 4g? I clicked install and my phone powered down and came back with a green x on a black display and the X sign exists for a long period … i have this problem how can i update to andriod 4.0 ??????? i will be very thankful if someone help me out, thanks