T-Mobile Samsung Gravity Smart PACKED with Goodies

June 24, 2011

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Now you won't hear me saying this very often, rarely if ever in fact, but this device from Samsung and T-Mobile has a LOT of great apps packed in it out of the box. The Gravity Smart is a brand new mid-range Android device made by Samsung for carrying on T-Mobile, this one colored with a lovely Sapphire blue. It's obviously made to be a messaging machine with its unique rounded push-out keyboard with rounded keys and a rounded heart - and the bloatware inside isn't bloatware, I swear! It's sweet stuff, man!

What we're seeing inside this device is no less than 46 applications, right around the amount you'd normally find on a phone such as this, but an above-average amount of apps that are unique to this device. Amongst the apps that are not ALWAYS on other devices but can be found having a big messaging party up in here are:
Group Texting,
AIM (AOL Instant Messanger),
Cloud Texting,
and DriveSmart.

Great stuff! While there's not really a reason to use all of these apps, especially since several of them will basically indirectly overlap one another, it's interesting to see a device with so much emphasis on 3rd party apps for both messaging and just having fun gaming. It's almost as if T-Mobile saw a good thing and wanted to make a less expensive version. How about that? We'll be reviewing this device soon!

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  • Suzanne

    I just bought the Gravity Smart yesterday! 🙂 I already like it a lot. Question…the apps that are already on the phone are paid for right? like it’s not gonna cost me money to download Tetris and Bejewelled?