Today T-Mobile has alerted us that the old and dated original Galaxy S 4G is finally set to receive Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The phone is still awesome, don’t get me wrong but it is slowly getting older and this update is coming a bit late. Good news for owners though i suppose. The wait for an official version of Gingerbread is finally over although you wont be getting it over the air like most updates.

Instead of coming over the air and popping up on your phone it is OTW (over the wire) and will require a computer. Just like anything from Samsung you’ll need to use Kies to complete the update but don’t worry it’s actually quite simple. You just need a PC, a USB cable and that phone you are still rocking needs to be present. T-Mobile has nicely included plenty of instructions and they are available by clicking here.

Aside from the usual performance and visual improvements you’ll receive with Android 2.3 Gingerbread the update should also bring some Google security patches, enhancements to the camera, better Wi-Fi support and connectivity as well as fix a few issues with T-Mobile’s HSPA+ on the Galaxy S 4G. I wonder how that GPS lock will be on this update — just saying. Either way I’m sure a few are glad to be seeing this update finally available and maybe, just maybe you can use that front facing camera with Google Talk now.

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[via T-Mobile]

  • Coreysg1

    Will it work on the Vibrant?

    • no, this is device specific but XDA can help your vibrant

      • Miuhla

        So the original vibrant owners can keep waiting? Or they simply forgot about Vibrant owners?

  • super mario games

    if you have the Galaxy S 4G, today you shouldn’t be counting. You should
    focus on getting the update onto your device. And that isn’t as simple
    as it usually is, for this isn’t an over-the-air update. That means that
    it won’t just magically appear on your phone – you’ll have to use a
    computer to apply it.

  • RC

    You should really learn to read and research before you post. The Galaxy S Vibrant (the “original” T-Mobile device you ranted about) and the Galaxy S 4G are two separate devices. The 4G variant was released this past February and had no GPS lock problems.

    • thx, but the Vibrant wasn’t the only one

      • RC

        No, the Vibrant wasn’t the only one with the GPS lock problem. I’m just saying that the Galaxy S 4G, the one whose Gingerbread update just came out, didn’t have any problems with the GPS.

      • Thanks for clarifying. I just remember plenty of comparisons and complaints on both devices, Including the Galaxy S 4G mentioned in this article. Thanks for the reply though, I appreciate it.

      • Sorry but that is wrong. I have the Galaxy S 4G and I have the GPS lock problem…..go figure!

  • yo I just upgraded and I have to say I’m really impressed so far. seems
    to have sped up the whole phone. really pleased with this upgrade, its
    given new life to my galaxy s 4g

  • Cecklbxxx

    Love the update.  Bluetooth in my Hyundai Hybrid seems much better.  Also got rid of the bug where my text messages were reading aloud while I was talking on the phone.

    • RadRadRudy

      Awesome news. I have Bluetooth also in my Hyundai (although by way of a Motorola bluetooth speaker) and it cuts out so very frequently. Glad to hear it’s improved.

  • Rambunctious Explorer

    Yoiks, I just bought the S 4g from eBay.  I see different takes on GPS problems with this phone, and that at least one of you had a problem.  If there IS a problem on my incoming S4G, will the update fix it?  I want to stay on my iPhone (3GS on Tmobile is feeling slow lately) until I have the new one straightened out. 

    And, can I update sans SIM card?  I think probably so, because I’m doing it via PC.

    Anything as a new user, that I should beware of?  I’m kinda spooked about the recent android problems/virii.


  • Irokbellz

    So, ummmmm, wheres my double twist? and the fact that i can.hggnot put a music player widget on my homescreen just baffles me. -__-…. ok. whatever! i grew fond of the “light” notification bar….now it just mediocre. Not everyone likes the color neon green. The ability to modify that color would be great. i noticed the battery display went from blue horizantal to green vertial..iimayimbde its just me. Excuse my complaining. first time using gingerbread. i can get past it all but NO MEDIA PLAYER WIDGET???? this is just redundant! and can anyone answer this….wheres my doubletwist?

  • Justine

    wont even let me upgrade says my phone is not compatible with kies mini for mac =( but this says I can update with a mac im so mad right now been waiting on this update forever now

    • I tried to update my phone with parallels desktop on Mac, and it bricked my phone

  • Sully

    How difficult is it to root the galaxy S 4g after updating to gingerbread? I would like the update but don’t want to lose the advantage of being rooted.