Today is a big day for the folks over at T-Mobile, as they’ve just launched a few brand new smartphones for the end of the summer. In case you haven’t been following along their version of the 5.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note is available starting today — although it isn’t cheap. They also have a pair of rather decent mid-range budget friendly phones too.

We are expecting Samsung to announce the new Galaxy Note 2 later this month at IFA 2012, but that isn’t stopping T-Mobile from launching the original. It’s been available for almost a year, but now those on T-Mobile can enjoy the 5.3-inch phablet and S-Pen stylus fun of the Galaxy Note. Don’t forget to check out our T-Mobile Note Review.

That isn’t all either. While the Note is a high end, expensive offering, T-Mobile also has the budget crowd covered today too. Starting today they’ll also be selling their latest version of the myTouch. This has been a budget product with T-Mobile for ages, but these new Huawei myTouch phones we’ve also reviewed, the myTouch and myTouch Q, both running Android 2.3 Gingerbread on a 4-inch screen can also be purchased today. They are the same price, only one has a keyboard for those heavy texters.

Available today right this minute is the Samsung Galaxy Note from T-Mobile for $249 after a $50 mail in rebate, or the myTouch and myTouch Q will run you $49 after the same $50 mail in rebate. The Galaxy Note might be late to the party but options are always a good thing, and T-Mobile knows that. Will you be picking one up today?

  • what weather widget is on the Mytouch?

  • dkd

    good luck on finding the note anywhere i have been to five stores and so far, NOT ONE has it.. no shipments in our area apparently. (portland, or)
    So once again, they are slow, slow, slow.

    • K-Tee DaSinger

      sorry…i managed to get me one today…im in las vegas

    • casperi

      Why in the world would you waste your money on the Note?. Seriously
      That’s like buying stock at top dollar knowing it’s going crash.
      Ya it’s a and all.but just buy the note2 from an importer when it comes out in like 3 weeks. I bet it will even be around the same retail price as well.

  • Dskrivan

    No stores are carrying it in Tacoma Wa either. The told me in the T-Mobile store (Lakewood, WA) that if I wanted to actually touch one before buying it that AT&T should have one. When I said that then maybe I should buy it from them, the manager said “OK”. Ive been their customer since the 90’s…WOW… don’t care if you loose a customer

  • janine

    Available at BestBuy .com too…

  • the original samsung galaxy note with 2 year t-mobile contract only $219.99 from Cellhub