It’s only been a few days since we talked about the Samsung Galaxy W smartphone that surfaced on a video demo showing off its gaming chops and more. We knew at the time that the smartphone would be sold as the Samsung Exhibit II 4G. The device has now gone official on T-Mobile with launch dates and pricing in tow.

The smartphone will be the first 4G offering to be sold in Walmart stores that can be had without a contract according to T-Mobile. Granted the smartphone connects to the HSPA+ 4G network not a real LTE network. Folks shopping for a no contract Android device should like the Exhibit II 4G well enough. The smartphone will land in Walmart stores sans contract on October 27. If you like the idea of the device, but want a contact for some reason you can get that too.

The phone has a 3.7-inch WVGA TFT touchscreen and a 1GHz Snapdragon processor. It will be able to access the Android Market, T-Mobile TV and the Samsung Media Hub. The device has WiFi and while Bluetooth isn’t mentioned in the press release, I would assume that it is included as well. The phone comes in blue only and has a 3MP rear camera that has flash and video recording capability. The no contract price for the smartphone will be $199.99 and the 2-year contract price will be $29.99 after a $50 MIR.

[via SlashGear]

  • Avi J

    will it be upgradeable to ice cream sandwich?

    I wonder what happens to tmobile prepaid customers if the merger goes through.  ATT, metro pcs or whomever won’t  have to honor the plan prices and who knows if the phone will work on the networks – do you want to pay $200 for a phone that might be useless in  a year?

    Funny its still listed on tmob website for 250 with a 2year contract; hopefully no one buys it before next week

  • Automobile News

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  • Raymf99

    This was a question asked on the TMobile forum about what happens to prepaid TMobile customers:
    Q: What does this mean for prepaid?
    This was the reply from:
    Jim AllingChief Operations OfficerT-Mobile USA, Inc.
    A: If or until the deal closes, which is estimated to take 12 months, T-Mobile and AT&T are completely separate and competing organizations.  T-Mobile will continue to base its decisions on what’s best for its business and customers.
    HUH!  Say What?
    I was going to get a prepaid with TMobile tomorrow with their 200 dollar Samsung Flexible 2 phone.  But you can forget that.  If this bullshit artist had the guts to answer questions honestly and fairly I would have considered going with TMobile.But since he is not answering the question, it can only mean to me that it is not going to be a pleasant transition for prepaid TMobile customers.This guy repeats over and over in about every question he “answers” that “it will take 12 months for the ATT take over of TMobile” giving the impression that nothing will change for 12 months.  But the truth is the process started back in March 2011.  So there are ONLY FOUR MONTHS TO GO and bye bye TMobile.I think it is wise to employ a really good bullshit filter with the entire cell phone market.  I think I would rather deal with a used car sales person than deal with cell phone people.

    • Anon21

      Uh dude he just mis understood your freaken question don’t be a ass

  • Thurmond Allen Jr.

    This is the absolute worst phone I ever owned!!!! Customer service
    was not helpful and they replaced my phone with the same phone which now works
    worse. I have all the issues ever reported with this phone. I have not been sent
    the update as of yet. I tried to complete the update today and it isn’t working
    or downloading. I am a new customer to T-Mobile and have been very dissatisfied
    since Day 1!!! They aren’t helpful. You think I’m going to keep this phone for 2
    more years? I will report you to everyone I can connect to since its been nearly
    2 months of no resolve. I have 2 lines with both these horrendous phones and you
    wouldn’t give me an update when obviously this phone needs to be recalled
    immediately! T-Mobile is horrible and please do not consider them for a service