First things first, no this is not Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. We do have some decent news though and that is the T-Mobile HTC myTouch 4G and myTouch 4G Slide smartphones are getting an over the air update this week, and users should be getting it any time now. This doesn’t update to the latest OS but does bring plenty of fixes and improvement so stay tuned for more details.

According to T-Mobile, both devices will be getting updates with the original myTouch 4G up first and available as of yesterday. So it’s possible the update is ready for you now or will be landing any time now. As usual users can manually check for updates to get the latest version themselves. T-Mobile mentions that the myTouch 4G Slide however, will start seeing the OTA update arrive on March 19th, and should arrive for all devices by the end of the month.

The what’s new list is quite vague but it appears users can expect to see performance updates and enhancements, Google security fixes, then improvements to WiFi calling, the genius button, and Netflix streaming. A new and improved version of the popular 3rd party keyboard Swype also comes pre-installed too. As usual the updates should arrive shortly or manually give it a go by heading to Menu > Settings > About Phone > HTC software updates > Check now.

Let us know when you receive the updates, and if you run into any problems. For rooted users give OTA Rootkeeper a try from the Google Play Store. All the details on both updates can be found from the two via links below direct from T-Mobile.

[via T-Mobile ; via T-Mobile (Slide)]

  • Jmart922

    Look forward to the update but I’m hoping to see ICS support, sooner then later (MT4GS)

  • FtKnoxTMO

    No joy yet on my MyTouch 4G, still at Andriod Ver. 2.3.4, Sense Ver. 2.1, Software # 2.32.531.1.  Says “Your phone is up to date” There are no updates available for your phone when you check manually.

  • Nice 

    • Zoiixxx

      I got the update.. and i Attempted to update while I have slow Internet speed It took over eight hours to update . My phone works great no problems I do see added features.. Sorry for all You people that it fucked your phones up.. i Guess I am lucky. I do use my phone and stretch it out To the max with apps and customization with the system. I’m surprised it all worked out great..

  • concern

    My phone is rooted with s off. Well this affect it?

    •  If you changed the recovery then you can’t do OTA’s.. but just head to XDA for what you need

  • Jmart922

    No update yet, I’m checking every so often…will report back when I receive update

  • MissMiyoshi

    I got a message in my notification bar last night that a system update was available. Took over an hour to install for some reason. Now, phone is stuck on the “mytouch 4g” screen for the past two hours. Removing the battery and trying again yields the same results……

  • MissMiyoshi

    Completely bricked my phone. TMobile couldn’t help after an hour in their store and on the phone with customer service. HTC refuses to replace the phone. Now I’m stuck using my original MyTouch, which is slower than molassas in January, until I can get a new one. 

    • Bolliger4

       My son just had the same thing happen to him. Are you saying there is no hope at all?

      • MissMiyoshi

        TMobile said it was out of warranty. They gave me HTC’s product replacement number, but since I couldn’t prove there wasn’t a problem before they won’t do anything for me. I’m about to switch to AT&T and get an iPhone.

  • Updated last night. Not much difference… (only noticed the top drag down window has two tabs now) but phone’s faster than before.

  • Oh, and instead of having “H” now i have “4G” for network connection. can’t tell the different though…

  • Greg

    Menu > Settings > About Phone > HTC software updates > Check now I don’t have HTC software updates in this menu. I don’t have anything that says updates in this menu. anyone have this problem? I have myTouch 4G

    • Tha_boss_is_here

      you still have the old version 2.2.1 on your phone you have to get the ota updated to 2.3.5 thats when the update option will be on your phone i just receive my update yesterday to 2.3.5

  • Cgnhmiow

    Just got the update message today, but after reading some of the replies I’m afraid to update it.  Considering that it took FOREVER to get this phone to work with my car’s bluetooth I don’t put much faith in this update or HTC phones for that matter.

  • Jilarson

    Updated, now having problems with swype And typing. Annoying!!!

  • Chfg08

    I received the update on Monday.  Although I wasn’t warned it was coming, my phone completely locked up on Monday morning.  After approximately an hour, it went black.  When it finally came back up, my phone had been wiped clean – it thought I had a brand new phone that had never been used.  All of my apps, settings, pics, text messages, and contacts were gone.  After investigating, it became obvious that my phone had been updated.

    Besides wiping out my phone, I really hate the new “update.”  Most “checked” items are now gray or blue, almost impossible to see.  (For instance, before when I turned on wifi, the box was checked in red, now it’s dark gray.)  Also, my spell check is gone, as is predictive typing.  Try as I might, I can’t seem to get these features to work.

    Fortunately I had been backing things up, so I was able to retrieve my pics, music, and contacts.  However, my apps (and note widgets with valuable info) are gone, as are my settings and my text messages.

    I don’t know who deserves the credit (blame) for this fiasco, TMobile or HTC or both, but this is another example of the poor customer service for this phone.  This isn’t my first Android, but it may be my last.  This phone has “crashed” over and over – I don’t know how many reports it has sent to HTC.  And again already it locked up and restarted when I was reading a page on the Net.

    Watch out – this update is anything but an improvement.  Hope you have more success than I did.

  • Groenersean

    This update went smoothly over my wifi connection. It took maybe 10 minutes from start to finish.

    • Apruitt247

      what android version does it say you have ?

  • Bayjax510

    I updated my Mytouch 4G slide on Friday and since then my messages are not showing up in deltail when phone screen is locked or dim. When using phone on car mode it is unable to read off my messages. I reset and turned the phone on n off, I even did a factory reset on my phone the message still show up with just the time received but no contact info or message showing. I called tmobile support on the issue that they are going to contact google n see what they can do..but that doesn’t help me with my phone! I am furious!

  • Benjogali

    Stil don’t have update & NO Menu > Settings > About Phone > HTC software updates > Check now Is not on my 4g?

  • momof4shas

    I received the update that took all of 15min. At first, everything seemed just fine, all of a sudden…no notifications of any kind, no internet just talk and text for 2-3 days now…smh…so sad

  • Momshim

    WIsh I continuted to ignore upates, both my husband and I updated and now we can’t send out texts??? !!! Checl=ked APN seems ok but I have no clur=e what else to tyr?!??

  • ASQuiros

    No update available on my MyTouch 4G, still 2.3.4. Feeling fairly fortunate after reading the comments here.

  • I have had nothing but problems with this phone. I will list them:
    1. When I go to enter a contact, if the phone is acting up, and this happens about once a day, let’s say I type the name “Taylor”, it will automatically insert commas as fast as I type the letters and I will get not a contact number because the name looks like “T,a,y,l,o,r”. This is with keyboard, touch, and swype.
    2.When I go to use the dialpad while I’m on a call, where the phone is just supposed to know I guess, that I have moved it, and it lights up, it will light up for a few seconds, then go away, sometimes I can hit the dialpad for a few numbers but it never stays lit long enough for me to finish using it, and this is with no delay between inputting numbers.
    3. The browser kicks me off of sites, apparently for no reason and just returns to the home screen- daily,
    4. When I go to end a call, sometimes I have to wait for the other person to hang up in order for the call to be ended because my phone doesn’t recognize me hitting “end”. I can hit it multiple times, hold my finger on it, or sometimes, when it’s being good I can just tap it and it works like it should. It “acts right” about 1/4 of the calls.
    5. The internet is ridiculously slow, about 80% of the time, the screen times out before anything has begun to load. So then I have to hit the button to turn the screen back on, slide it up to unlock, and bam, have to go back to the freakin browser and arrive at a blank screen where I have to re-enter what I’m looking for, and watch it and tap it every few seconds so it doesn’t “black out” on me, and most of the time, that doesn’t even work,
    6. Today, the latest problem is the battery. I have had it plugged in all day, and it won’t hold a charge. In the last week, I have not been able to get the battery above 35%, and last night after being plugged in all night, I woke up to a disappointing 8% charge.
    7. When I hit the power button (to get the screen lit), sometimes it lights up, most of the time I have to hit it multiple times, sometimes hold it down for a few seconds, just whatever it feels like I guess.
    8. The tones of text messages change on their own, most of the time to tones I don’t have assigned for anything. Like when I got a text today, it sounded like my phone was ringing but not the correct ringtone. Oh, and when I woke up this morning to my alarm, not the correct tone either. I reset my alarm for 30 minutes later and the correct one came on with me changing nothing. The tones have changed for the camera setting as well, sometimes it makes a noise like a flash, sometimes not, sometimes something I’ve never even heard on the phone.
    9. The touch screen works when it wants to, not most of the time but too much of the time, does not even recognize I’m doing anything and that’s with a clean screen, and I’ve only had it since January, and not beat up (well not after I bought it anyway, not sure what happened to it before I bought it.
    10. The top keys of the slide keyboard might as well not even be there, with the cover on it that I bought at the T-Mobile store, I have to be so careful to press in just the right way because the cover comes out too far, or the keyboard doesn’t come out far enough but with how much I am on it, it’s so freaking annoying not to be able to text fast unless I’m not using the top keys.
    11. Oh! How could I forget that there is no “silent” setting on the phone, only low, which you can still hear, or vibrate, Don’t try to sleep with your phone next to you so it’s easy to shut your alarm off, every text, email, any kind of notification, you’re either vibrating or low, annoying tone.

    Just got off the phone with T-Mobile…and what can they do now that it won’t even turn on? Take 2 days to send me a new phone and give a $5 credit, I absolutely despise their customer support.

    • Twinmom3

      I have these exact same problems. Throwing me off to the homepage while browsing, calls not being able to hang up and having to wait for the other party to hang up first, screen blacking out in the middle of using the keypad. Or, the keypad not working for a extended period when trying to text.