Today the folks from T-Mobile have finally released an official “announcement” for the impressive Samsung Galaxy Note II phablet. While we knew it was coming to T-Mobile (and other major US carriers) T-Mobile hasn’t yet made an official comment. Today however they’ve announced their version of the Note II will indeed be arriving “this fall.”

Just like the international Galaxy Note II that will be available from the other major US carriers, T-Mobile’s Note II rocks a vivid and bright 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED (1280 x 720) HD display, Samsung’s Exynos 1.6 GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, a quality 8 megapixel rear camera, 2 MP front, and of course Android 4.1 Jelly Bean under the hood.

We’ve known all these details for just over a month, but it’s nice for T-Mobile to officially confirm the device is coming soon. Late last week T-Mobile’s Note II leaked in the wild complete with their carrier branding — so we know it’s in testing and will be coming soon. However, when is still up in the air.

Samsung announced all carriers will have the device available by mid November. Leading us to believe late October releases or early November for most carriers. While T-Mobile is only stating “coming this fall” like the rest, yesterday some leaks apparently confirmed we’ll see their version become available in stores on October 24th. T-Mobile was the first to have the Galaxy S III on store shelves, and could do the same with the Note II. Over the next few weeks we’ll surely be hearing tons of Galaxy Note II news from all major US carriers so stay tuned.

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  • Damon Aldora

    I have an upgrade available at the end of the month, and I’d really like
    a phone with a big screen and fast service. T-Mobile is the service I am going
    with mainly because they have an unlimited plan, and in most cases, is plenty
    times faster than one of my DISH coworker’s Galaxy on Verizon’s LTE network. We
    use the DISH Remote Access app on our phones to stream live and recorded TV
    using the Sling Adapter that’s connected to our receivers. With how much his
    phone buffers, I can’t see the worth in paying so much. It’s nice being able to
    stream when I want without worrying about how much data I’m using!