Back in April the folks from T-Mobile started pushing out an update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for the LG Optimus L9, but they quickly pulled the update after a slew of issues were found. However, today all you Optimus L9 owners that have been dealing with the issues after updating, or waiting for Jelly Bean, they’ve resumed the update this week.

When LG and T-Mobile canceled the update back in May it was said to be causing the phone to randomly reboot, apps crash, battery life went out the window with terrible battery drain problems, and more. Not the best “update” if you ask us. Today though, everything should be all good.

It’s been over two months, so LG and T-Mobile have received plenty of time to get things fixed and make it right. Today we’re hearing the update is rolling out in small stages, and T-Mobile confirmed this over on their support page. The update was initially pushed in small batches starting Wednesday the 10th, but is now available to all L9 owners.

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 4.58.35 PM

The update will ring in at around 355mb in size and should upgrade you to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean (not even 4.2) and will fix all the issues mentioned above. You’ll also enjoy some security patches, Google Now, and everything else that comes with Android Jelly Bean. So far we haven’t heard any reports of further issues, but head into settings and check for updates to get the latest. Then drop is a comment if all does, or doesn’t go well with the new update.

VIA: T-Mobile

  • CS

    Not working for me, even tried the clear/stop Google Services Framework trick 4 or 5 times.

    • Rolling out in stages..

      • j

        I’ve deleted framework and stopped it like twenty times ocd that trick doesn’t work anymore.

      • David Couture

        Any idea how long it generally takes to release it to all devices?

      • Clear google services, switch off wifi and enable only 2G mode. Reboot and try checking for updates. That works for some folks.

      • David Couture

        I just flashed a zip of the or a update off XDA as that option isn’t working for this update.

  • 98clru

    Updated in april, no issues, batter life a LITTLE worse, but everything else is so much nicer worth connecting the charger more often. Not sure if I want to bother with new one. It’s already 4.1.2 so may not even register for update.

    • Goonga

      It will, and this update could only make it better so get it. I’m still waiting for it.

  • Mark

    i still don’t have the update… I’ve been waiting for a long time.. this sucks!

  • John W

    Wish I had never updated… Lots of idiot functions that clutter up the phone. Now my status updates are halfway down the screen thanks to all the crap that I can’t get rid of and everything looks very busy and disorganized. For one text or email, it’s not a big deal but if you start getting multiple emails or multiple texts, it’s very confusing and hard to figure out what’s going on. Then add in the stupid power saver notice, wifi notice, and keyboard notice in the status bar and your new text message or email is literally not even on the screen anymore.
    I also hate that I used to be able to hit the middle button to turn the screen on and unlock it. Now it brings up the task manager over top of what I was doing.

    • Jackie Au

      Jesus christ then get a new phone u big baby wow

  • Loc

    I still have not gotten the update on mine been waiting since the 10th

    • mikehorton

      Me too! I’m hoping this update helps with battery life.


    Im having severe battery issues with the new update.

  • Just got the update notice this morning and installed it. I already had the previous 4.1.2 update, so that’s no change, but I ran the checker for that security vulnerability, and it’s patched, so probably worth it just for that. I’d rather have a patched 4.1.2 than an unpatched 4.2.2. Now if they can just find a way to root this version. I’d REALLY like to remove all that crapware.

    • I’m on the new version V20F and rooted. Head over to XDA and look up how to root that version. Easy as pie and no bullshit TMO bloatware or CIQ; ran a script to disable all tmo pkgs (used by LG development).

  • evan

    i got the update and it completely sucks. keeps freezing all the time, makes itself restart, i cant send texts or receive them, i cant even install new applications. its pretty much a brick now. stoked

  • Esteven

    Running on 4.0.4 P76910g. It says it’s up to date. HELP!

  • Holly

    How long does it take on a phone? My phone has been upgrading now for 5 hours. It goes thru all my apps, acts like its gonna go on then just starts all over again. It’s killed my battery twice.

  • this sucks

    Got the NEW and supposedly. Improved. Jelly bean update
    Last week.Within. minutes i could not make or receive calls
    Or texts. The phone started to randomly play music by itself
    Atleast twice a day it would lock up .TMobile. just sent me
    My 3rd new L9, and i wont be updating it anytime soon

    Unfortunately once you update your phone , you can NOT remove it
    Atleast this is what t mobile tells me.So t mobile has
    sent me and my wife a total of SEVEN…yes I said 7 new
    phones since the updates have started.

  • Kayli

    Luckily, I haven’t had any major problems with the update! Every now and then it’ll freeze and turn off but not enough to hate it. The battery life is a little slow, but I turn on the power saver and it lasts longer.

  • arshagarbon

    My phone has NO WIFI thanks to this piece of junk update!!!!! I’m calling Tmobile on lunch because it’s been a month!!!! Fix my wifi or give me a new phone!!! the phone works fine, its the stupid update!!!!

    • t

      Mee too

  • Lordy

    my phone keep on restart every time i try to enter password.. n now i cant turn it on… ggrrrr!!!!!