Jelly Bean began rolling out for T-Mobile users with an LG Optimus L9 a few weeks earlier. As of today however, that update has since been placed on pause. The details are coming by way of T-Mobile, who have said the update was placed on pause by LG. The silver lining here is the use of the word pause. Of course, we suspect those still rocking Ice Cream Sandwich may be a bit disappointed.

According to T-Mobile, the update was paused in order to "improve performance on the new software version." T-Mobile has also said they don't know when the update will be resumed. Just to clarify, this is the update that was arriving as Android 4.1.2 and with baseband version P76920d.

LG didn't offered any specifics here, however we have seen a few complaints coming from users that did manage to get the update. The issues seem to circle around app crashes and battery life. And while we suspect some will be disappointed by the extra wait, those who have yet to update may be the lucky ones.

Based on this it is looking like all LG Optimus L9 users with T-Mobile will be getting another update. There will be the group that upgrades to Jelly Bean for the first time and the group that gets the improved version of the update. Lets just hope for the sake of those who have already updated -- that the new and improved update comes sooner rather than later.

[via T-Mobile]

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  • Justin

    I was just commenting today that it was running better on ICS. Glad they aim to fix it.

  • androidboi

    Worst update ever slowed my phone way down and everything is messed up!

  • Chad

    Good to hear. It hasn’t been terrible for me, a few app crashes here and there. I did notice a big difference in battery life. Hope its sooner rather than later.

  • Curtis Dean

    I have the update on my l9 it is working great,
    No more look ups that I would have to remove
    The people that report problems did not follow
    the instructions not to use their phone until the
    update was complete.
    If an particular application does not work after
    the upgrade you need to get an update for that
    application from its supplier.

  • Angel Torres

    I have update for awhile n my apps do for close like anything including instagram . Other den dat i lile.the update n plus it has Qslide Apps so u can use multiple apps at once

  • erin

    Got an update today. So far so good

  • KG

    just did the update and now my phone wont stop “scanning media files”……what can i do>

  • Guest

    so if i by the LG9 from Best Buy w/ ice cream sandwich ($170 versus T-mobile store jelly bean phone $240), will the phone automatically update with jelly bean?

  • jrodeo52

    Works bettermy phone had problems now its fixed with update..