While most carriers are looking for a way to charge us more and milk us for every dollar, T-Mobile is here to offer something else. Today they’ve officially announced a truly “unlimited” 4G data plan. This means no unlimited with 5GB max in the fine print. This is truly unlimited data with no caps, throttling, or slowdowns. Well played T-Mobile! More details below.

We heard chatter about this earlier in the week but now the details are finally official. While T-Mobile doesn’t have an actual 4G LTE network, their HSPA+ 4G is rather fast in many parts of the country. Starting September 5th users will be able to sign up for a truly unlimited data plan, and add it on to their voice plans that are unlimited too. Looks like we have a new unlimited everything budget option.

This data plan features no data caps, no speed limits or bill shock, and offers the “ultimate worry-free experience” according to T-Mobile. We’ve seen unlimited before but they all come and go, and many have caps or get slowed down if used too much — not here. I guess T-Mobile Carly is becoming a bad girl because this just whooped the rest. This is T-Mobile saying “Peace” to the competition.

Starting September 5th these plans will go live and you’ll be able to add unlimited data to a traditional voice and text plan for only $30 a month. If you don’t use too many minutes that’s a pretty amazing deal. Then value plan customers get unlimited data for only $20 per month. A classic unlimited everything plan is only $89 — sign me up! T-Mobile might not have 4G LTE yet but they are rolling it out in early 2013. I’d love to have completely unlimited data for when that rolls around, especially at this low price.

Who’s making the move?

[via SlashGear]

  • yarrellray

    This is such a lovely opportunity for people to switch carriers and come over to Tmobile. My advice would be check the coverage maps because sometimes what you read might not be the truth. After all that’s why I am on Tmobile now from Verizon all that glitters isn’t always gold. Tmobile speeds are very good it’s HSPA PLUS 42MPS network is much better than what people want to except. And I can tell you what battery life on my Galaxy S3 on Tmobile is the BEST I have ever had on any smartphone on any other carrier ever.

  • iamcris

    I too left Verizon (Galaxy Nexus) for T-mobile (S3) I’ve been with T-mobile for just over a month…CLEARLY it was the right decision even after paying the $262 contract termination fee. It won’t take me long at all to make my money back in savings not to mention having truly unlimited data. I am very happy with T-mobile coverage area and my S3 is just plain awesome. Did I mention it will be getting Jelly Bean soon? I was showing of a movie to a couple buddies that have the iphone4 (ATT) and they were awed by the clarity and size of the display. Transformers Revenge of the Fallen looks incredible on the screen. Looks like a new standard is being set and T-mobile is on top.

  • Matt Hyde

    I was told at the T-mobile store that the unlimited plan does not allow tethering? Is this true?

  • I live on my phone and told verizon this and was told the cost for going over data limit wouldn’t be that much…yeah right. I got hit with $1400 bill.