The folks from HTC and T-Mobile have a little gift coming soon for those HTC One S smartphone owners. Earlier this week we reported the international HTC One S was finally starting to get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean updates, and now we can confirm HTC and T-Mobile are in the final testing stages of the same update for their own customers.

According to the guys at TmoNews HTC is sending out requests and invites for certain exclusive users and VIP members to get early access of the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update for their HTC One S. This is essentially a beta test or “soak test” as we call it these days, and hopefully it will be rolling out for all users soon.


These beta tests are usually the final stage of testing, and as long as everything goes well we can expect Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to hit all T-Mobile One S phones within the next 2-3 weeks. Sometimes these things take time, but we’re hopeful considering the One X has already seen the same update in multiple regions without a hiccup.

There’s no official word on how long this will take HTC and T-Mobile, but this is certainly a good sign. Users will be enjoying Jelly Bean’s expandable notifications, faster user interface and our favorite, Google Now, in no time flat. We’ll update if we learn more on this VIP testing, and stay tuned for details when the actual update is ready to rock for all those usual T-Mobile customers.

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  • anon

    Fuck this, I’ve been waiting for the Jelly Bean update for months now for the One S. Never again going to buy a HTC phone, going to go with a company that cares about support (hint, not fucking Apple but often sued by Apple for having superior products).

    • nona

      well. its not like the One S is a bad phone without 4.1

  • dutchboy

    Too bad I bought a One S from this website, when the mailman delivered it turned out to be a stock tmobile son of bitch! Which didn’t concern me too much (apart from the stupid tmobile booting logo and apps) until I found out the regular stock phones already HAVE DELICIOUS JELLY BEANS! I’m now searching on the Internet to find a way to turn the “stock-android version” into the global regular version (which already has 4.1) but no luck, unless I want to customize my phone.

  • Jorge Pacheco

    There us a custom Rom called virtuous ville+ it is a jelly bean Rom for the htc one s and is running on sense4+

  • Joshman

    4 months and counting

  • Guest

    This is ridiculous. How long do they have to test it?! Probably my next phone will be a Samsung or an iPhone. I’m done waiting for updates.

  • GSharp78

    I consider myself to be pretty patient but I am also done with HTC now! This wait for jelly Bean has been rediculous! Samsung here I come

  • Dan Mendez

    yep this shut is ridiculous everyone else is getting it except the almighty USA

  • BRAD

    You all complaining about HTC are wrong. It has nothing to do them T-Mobile has had the update since like October when the rumors started. It’s T-Mobile taking forever to test it and get it out. I’m usually a patient person but this is a joke I’ll definitely be getting the next nexus phone and never buy from T-Mobile again.