T-Mobile Giving Away 10 HTC Sensation 4G Phones FREE for Fathers Day

June 10, 2011

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I think we can all agree that the HTC Sensation is one sweet looking smartphone. You can see our review of the Sensation 4G by clicking here. We saw the words "free" and "Sensation 4G" today on the twitter page of T-Mobile had just had to share the news.

Just a few hours ago @Tmobile tweeted they will be giving away 10 HTC Sensation 4G Smartphones away for FREE on Fathers Day to ten lucky people. We are not sure if this is for Fathers only, or if they are just using the busy shopping week of Fathers Day to their advantage.

They also mention that more details will come sometime Monday and that we all should stay tuned. Feel free to watch the twitter feed or just make the smart choice and hang out here at AndroidCommunity for the news, as we will post it as soon as we know more ourselves. I know I will be trying to get one for myself, if needed I'll promise to give my Father my T-Mobile G2x if I win a Sensation 4G. Would you guys do the same?

[via @Tmobile Twitter]

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  • Anonymous

    Man, my Popps has a Sanyo flip phone from like five years ago, and its red… Lol. I’d have to see if the Sensation 4G would overpower the G2x, which I doubt – it just looks better – and then take either one to eBay. Can’t wait to enter this!!

    • Yea the G2x I’m not all that impressed with to be honest. The Sensation just seems and feels like a much better device in general. Hopefully they can unlock that bootloader and get me some CM7 on the Sensation soon

      • Anonymous

        Hold up, isn’t the G2x putting out better benchmarks than the Sensation 4G, right now (due to that qHD display – and not that benchmarks are everything). The Gingerbread update is going to increase performance on the G2x being that its stock. From what I hear, the speaker on the Sensation is not that great, to whereas on the G2x its quite enjoyable. But CM7 on the Sensation 4G is where it needs to be. Too bad you can’t enhance that speaker. This is a toss up between the two. Let the games begin Monday…

      • chekorama

        i am agree with you, today I went to tmo store and i had the chance to play with both and the g2x is pretty fast and the htc isn’t faster than the g2x but the body build of htc is impressive looks and feel like his name SENSATIONAL. at the end i could see that my nexus 1 runining ging. 2.3.4 still ROCKS!!! 🙂 🙂

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