If you’re the proud owner of the Samsung Galaxy S II from T-Mobile we just learned some excellent news this afternoon. T-Mobile has just confirmed the much awaited update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will finally arrive this month. Bringing tons of new features, improved user interface and everything else we know about ICS. More details below.

Just a few weeks ago T-Mobile pushed an update out to the Galaxy S II that was still 2.3 Gingerbread and basically fixed a few bugs. Just as we reported, it also paved the way for ICS by preparing the device for the hotly anticipated update. Most of the Samsung Galaxy S II phones have already received ICS, although the US carrier models were a little late. T-Mobile customers will finally be getting it in about 10 days (if it doesn’t leak before that.)

While the full update details have yet to be posted on T-Mobile’s support forum they did announce the update on Twitter at @Tmobile confirming June 11th would be the day. What better way to enjoy the hot summer days in June then with Ice Cream Sandwich right? (jokes)

Once T-Mobile confirms any more details or posts the full update and change log we’ll be sure and update. For now stay tuned as we’ll report any leaks or once the update officially starts rolling out.

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[via TmoNews]

  • Steven Adams

    uhhh come on AT&T LoL happy for the T-mobile users.

    • elizabeth

      Have you used the upgrade????

  • elizabeth

    Screw that………I hate the ice cream sandwich upgrade, I didn’t buy the phone cause I didn’t like it, the ice cream upgrade was just put on my husbands htc amaze and it sucks!!!!!! Changed the whole look of the phone…. Anyone know a company that doesn’t force upgrades… I am done with this vs with T-Mobile

    • angelica

      sounds like you should be using an iphone..simple minded.

  • Billy

    your kidding right elizabeth first off you don’t have the galaxy s2 sec if you did you haven’t got the upgrade yet so go buy you an apple phone or learn how to use your android phone !

  • Billy

    every phone is different thats why the galaxy s2 is better then the amaze