Today the folks from T-Mobile have confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.3-inch phone tablet hybrid will be gracing their networks in the coming weeks. T-Mobile actually confirmed this earlier today with a post on Twitter, but now have officially released the full statement and press release. We didn’t learn much, but you can rule out an upgraded processor.

Being so late to the game many thought T-Mobile might release the Galaxy Note with an upgraded 1.5 GHz Qualcomm S4 processor that powers the Galaxy S III and the HTC One X, but that isn’t the case. We can confirm the same older 1.5 Ghz Qualcomm S3 dual-core processor as the AT&T model is under the hood. There is good news however.

T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note will indeed launch with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich at launch, and it will also include the brand new and impressive S-pen features provided in the premium suite that accompanied the recent update to Android 4.0 ICS. That isn’t all either. Since T-Mobile is late to the game with this device, they’ll also be offering what they are calling the “T-Mobile 4G Pro App Pack” that contains Dropbox, Evernote, Square, TripIt, and LinkedIn for all those business users. Here’s a quick comparison to T-Mobile’s flagship Galaxy S III.

Sadly T-Mobile still hasn’t stated an official release date and their press release only reads “available in the coming weeks.” We’ve been hearing August 8th from tips so for now we’ll stick to that date. Who’s looking forward to the Galaxy Note on T-Mobile, or will you wait it out for the rumored Galaxy Note 2?

  • SebaKL

    I was very impressed with the S3 during the presentation in London. Now that I have ben using two of the S3 models, I hardly touch my iphone. Gave it to my kid, I just can’t make myself like it anymore. It’s like the very complex and very basic LEGO boxes. Once you play with the big box, hundreds of pieces and elaborate design, the kiddy entry level box seem too boring and too simple, unable to entertain, at all.

  • Ray

    I’ll be picking up the Note when it comes out. I know that the Note II is coming soon, but after living with the G2x and all of it’s shortcomings, the Note will be a welcome change.

    • Eww yea. I’d totally get the Note or SGSIII if I was you

  • victor

    Will it be 4g


    I have the Galaxy Note here in Canada & if I was anyone thinking of getting the Note or waiting for the Galaxy Note 2, I’d have to say go with the Original Galaxy Note as any bigger device used as a phone in my mind is just too big however slight the rumoured increase of the Note 2 is. I’m 6’7″ & 300lbs so Im a big guy with big hands & using the Note in portriat mode sometimes gets frustrating even for me. I constantly am worried Im about to drop it. Over all Im absolutly lovin it though, games & videos look incredible & if it gets Jelly Bean, which it should eventually considering the NEXUS S is then it will be in my mind the best phone availble in North America, even better than the Galaxy S3. – KID ANDROID