T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note might finally become a reality here soon sometime this summer. We’ve seen a few leaks suggest it was coming, and even spotted it in the wild running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich but now it has cleared the FCC and should hopefully be on the way to Magenta store shelves.

There were a few reports that the 5.3-inch Note would arrive on Verizon as the Galaxy Journal but that is looking pretty doubtful about now. Apparently T-Mobile will be offering it at some point though and according to PocketNow it has just cleared the FCC. We’ve heard it could land as soon as July 11th, and that sounds about right given that it has now cleared the FCC.

Other details have also been revealed as of late that T-Mobile stores have already started receiving promotional material as well as actual T-Mobile Galaxy Note demo and dummy units according to leaks by TmoNews. Last week we reported on a possibly Galaxy Note 2 with a 5.5-inch screen in the pipes from Samsung, so T-Mobile better hurry if they plan to launch this thing in time for summer. We have a feeling they might wait until after the Galaxy S III launches on June 21st so they don’t steal any of its thunder with the Note, but we’ll have to wait and see. Would you take the 5.3-inch Galaxy Note over the flagship Galaxy S III on T-Mobile?

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  • harveyd

    Verizon is worthless and like usual they cram extra data charges and then expect to give us crap phones!! Good job T mobile subscribers enjoy your phone while we still wait!

    • Martin Shirley

      I dumped verizon for T-Mobile two years ago and have saved over $45 a month (I bought an HTC sensation outright and LOVE it!!!). I have unlimited data (though I never get close to using it as I am always auto-connecting to wi-fi at home/office) and more texting and minutes than I’ll ever use for about $60 a month. It’s fast as hell and works well. Get smart, get T-M and treat yourself to a NOTE 😉 … Verizon is good, but not worth the insane bills…


    Only if it has the S4 like the gs3, if not I’ll pass.

    • The Invisible Girl Always

      whats S4

      • The processor, Snapdragon S4 clocked at 1.5Ghz , the at&t Galaxy note has the S3 , but S4 is wayyy Faster

    • Lady Lowe

      It does

  • Qwistlano

    I need the galaxy note i was seconds away from going to at&t lol i love my galaxy s2 and i had every iphone the evo 4g and i thought they where all to small so im really excited ps mobile if your reading this i need this in white Asap digg me

  • Matthew

    T-Mobile would be very wise to add this to their lineup. I, for instance, plan on paying full retail for this when it comes out (~$600) and getting the $30 a monthly monthly4g plan. I get 100 minutes (I barely even use the phone) unlimited texting, and unlimited data (first 5GB HSPA+ and back hauled to HSPA). With my plans I would pay about $720 in 2 years, plus the phone is $1320. Comparing to at&t’s limited data plans, I would save hundreds of dollars. Oh, and I wouldn’t be locked into a contract.

  • Hwang Zilla

    I actually own the Galaxy Note. I live in Seoul, SK. Honestly…it’s the best cell phone I’ve ever had. It’s really fast and the screen is amazing. The only thing to get used to is the size. Most women out here have complained that it is too big for their hands, but my lady has one, and she loves it…so I guess it’s all about taste. Anyway…I recommend it to everyone! If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask me.

    • Danniella Ez Bella Arias

      danggggg you can get me one from there. i try try try to order one from UK> like awhile ago. like t-mobile uk. has them for FREE i sware on they sites. but they not let you order if you dont live there. im like SMHHHHHHH. i want it i dont care whats the difference if i order it from tmobile UK, and get the device and then use tmobile here lolz. they even had the pink one availble for purchase for like 25UK dollars im like dang whatever that is. im on it. lolz. id be like havin all types of stares with that one. but, nahhhh get me tha hook-up tell me something on where to get this, like unlocked something from yer country hahahhaa.

  • Lady Lowe

    I hope it does come out August 8th my b-day is the 9th of August what a great gift to myself